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Raw food recipes for those who eat a raw diet.

Blueberry and Cherry Layered Vegan Cheesecake Bars

Layered vegan cheesecake bars with fresh blueberries and cherries. This dairy-free cheesecake recipe is a fun and unique take on the classic dessert. Funny story: A few months ago, (pre-4th of July) I set out to make red, white and blue layered cheesecake bars for a client of mine, and this is what I ended …

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The Ultimate Açaí Bowl

The Ultimate Acai Bowl - a delicious and nutrient-dense breakfast | #paleo #vegan #healthy

If you’re maladjusted to heat like me and are jonesing for ALLTHECOLDFOODS, I have a chilly breakfast to whet your whistle. It is basically the mother of all açaí bowls…fully-loaded, packed with nutrients, easily customizable, sexy as can be.

We’re no stranger to the açaí bowl here on The Roasted Root..I posted my Apple Walnut Acai Bowls, Kiwi Strawberry Acai Bowls and finally, my Chocolate Banana Acai Bowls umpteen years ago, and it’s been quite a while since we’ve re-visited the subject.

New to the concept of the açaí bowl? I’ll give you the quick run-down. Açaí berries come from Brazil and are full of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin K and fiber. Açaí bowls are thick smoothie bowls made with frozen açaí berries, are topped with all sorts of goodies and served at various cafes nationwide. BUT great news! You can make them at home easy as 1-2-3.

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Paleo “Oatmeal” Cookie Energy Bites

Energy bites made to taste just like an oatmeal cookie! If you love the flavor of oatmeal cookies but can’t tolerate oats, this oat-free paleo version of energy bites is perfect for you! This healthy snack recipe includes walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dates, cinnamon, and raisins for an infusion of plant-based protein and healthy fat. These …

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Paleo Sour Cream & Onion Dip (or queso)

Creamy, zesty sour cream & onion dip made dairy-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly. This luscious dip (or dairy-free queso) is perfect for sharing with friends and family on game day!   Every once in awhile, I make confessions about the foods I miss from way back before I started eating a restricted diet. Fudgesicles, Dulce de …

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