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Cod Salad with Basil-Walnut Pesto (Keto, Low-FODMAP)

Cod salad with basil-walnut pesto is so easy to make and a quick and delicious dinner that can be prepared any night of the week. This healthy recipe is all-things low-carb, low-FODMAP, paleo, keto, and Whole30.

Cod Salad with Basil-Walnut Pesto, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and avocado - a low-carb, keto, paleo, whole30 dinner recipe |

As we all know, I’m a major salmon lover. Just check out my extensive salmon archives

In spite of the fact that I can put my Teriyaki Salmon Bowls, Mediterranean Salmon, and Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper on repeat over and over, I’ve made it my mission to branch out to the other fishies.

Enter: Cod.

It’s no salmon, but it’ll do 😉

What I love about cod is it absorbs flavor of marinades really well, as it has a subtle, buttery flavor. For this recipe, I whipped up an easy coconut milk-based marinade using full-fat canned coconut milk, fresh basil, ginger, and lemongrass.

The result is magnificent! If you have your own favorite marinade, you can always whip that up instead, or just drizzle the fish with some avocado oil and lemon juice and a sprinkle of sea salt and call it bueno.

Serving the cod salad  with cherry tomatoes, avocado, and roasted pumpkin seeds, along with a homemade basil-walnut pesto as the dressing takes this fishuation (<- get it? fish…situation…buhdumching…??) up another 17k notches.

So let’s do it already!

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Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper

Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper is an easy low-carb, keto, paleo dinner recipe that turns out mouth-wateringly tender and amazingly flavorful. A delicious meal worthy of putting on repeat!

Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper - a low-carb, keto, paleo dinner recipe |

Since my Mediterranean Salmon in Parchment Paper is one of my all-time favorite recipes on this site AND I have a deep love for pesto, I figured I would simplify the parchment paper salmon concept and just go with pesto.

Revolutionary? Nay. But friends, you NEED this!

The salmon turns out so crazy tender in this application and the whole thing is a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

I made the pesto sauce using what greens I had in the refrigerator: spinach, basil, and dill. I used what nuts I had in the pantry: almonds and pistachios. The end result? A flavorful herb salmon with just the loveliest nutty crunch.

Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper - a low-carb, keto, paleo dinner recipe |

Can you go with classic pesto sauce? Yes, absolutely! I cover that in the Pesto Sauce section below. For now, let’s learn…

How to Make Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper:

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Spinach Pesto Sauce (Low-FODMAP, Paleo)

Spinach pesto sauce made dairy-free and low-FODMAP. This easy pesto sauce recipe is vegan, and can also be adapted to include parmesan and garlic for a more classic approach.

Spinach Pesto Sauce - a paleo recipe for pesto using spinach for a nutrient-dense sauce - dairy-free with a Low-FODMAP option |

Hypothetical situation: You have a massive hankering for something pesto-y, but don’t have any pesto on hand, nor do you have basil to make your own pesto. But you do have spinach!

Hypothetical situation #2: You have kids who love pesto sauce but don’t enjoy eating leafy greens. In walks: spinach pesto.

Case in point: I wanted to make pesto salmon a couple weeks ago, but found the basil in my refrigerator had gone bad, and I didn’t have any pesto sauce on hand; however, I did have a huge tub of spinach.

So I gathered up some nuts from the pantry and tossed them in my food processor with spinach, dill, and oregano – essentially whatever I could find that was pesto-appropriate.

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Pesto Chicken Pasta with Mushrooms and Broccoli

Quick, easy pesto chicken pasta with mushrooms and broccoli is a comforting, cozy meal that is fast enough for whipping up any night of the week, and fancy enough for a date night in! Whaaaat’s this? Pasta?! It has been a long, long time since I’ve posted a gluten-free pasta recipe. Probably because it isn’t …

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Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Pecan Pesto

A clean and easy dinner recipe that happens to be whole30, vegan, paleo, and low-FODMAP. This spaghetti squash with roasted pecan pesto is a nutritious and super palate-pleasing meal for your busy weeknights.

Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Pecan Pesto Sauce and Broccoli - and easy, healthy meal that is vegan, paleo, whole30, low-fodmap, and keto. |

You’re looking at one of those embarrassingly simple recipes that I make far more frequently than I’d like to admit..

But you guys, I believe you need this.

What we have here is an ultra simple dish involving only seven ingredients. The recipe is crazy easy to prepare and is one of those household staples you’ll return to time and again.

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Low-FODMAP Pesto Sauce

This recipe for Low-FODMAP Pesto Sauce is perfect for those who are sensitive to garlic, have IBS, or follow a dairy-free (or vegan) diet. This boldly flavored sauce is great for all your pesto-ing needs!.

Low-FODMAP Pesto Sauce - a garlic-free, dairy-free recipe for pesto sauce that is Low-FODMAP and vegan - perfect for those with food sensitivities

Pesto sauce adds an incredible pop of flavor to everything it touches. I’ve always been a huge fan of pesto, and have made it homemade for over a decade. I recently changed up the way I make pesto because I’m sensitive to garlic, which is a high-FODMAP food that triggers my IBS symptoms.

In addition, while fermented dairy isn’t a huge trigger for me, I do try to avoid dairy when possible. In essence, I go garlic-free and dairy-free when I make pesto, which may sound like an epic snooze fest, but rest assured, I have a formula for low-FODMAP pesto that is easy on my digestive system while still being super flavorful.

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Mango Edamame Quinoa Salad

Light and flavorful quinoa salad with mango, edamame, bell pepper, flaked coconut, roasted almonds, and basil. This super nutritious salad is perfect for summer picnics and barbecues!

This post is Sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. Check out more delicious healthy recipes, snag coupons and find stores near you at!

Mango Edamame Quinoa Salad - a nutritious side dish perfect for sharing with friends and family #vegan #paleo |

Quinoa and I have been getting along famously lately. I have a tendency to set my sights on a specific food and let that flame just.rage, only coming up for air once I’ve sufficiently quenched that particular thirst. Lately, I’ve been on a quinoa kick, as I’ve been incorporating it into my daily lunch or dinner salad as a trusted source for carbs.

There are few carbs my digestive system enjoys processing, you see, so once I find one that works for my body, I get a little elated. I keep my diet fairly low-carb for health reasons (read more about that here), and my body is very picky about its preferred source of carbs. As it turns out, I process quinoa famously, which is great news because it’s one of those highly nutritious whole foods that’s super easy to incorporate into my daily life.

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30-Minute Thai Green Curry with Avocado

Vegetarian Thai green curry with avocado, broccoli, peppers, carrot, and more – A light yet filling and oh-so satisfying meal made in 30 minutes. This post is sponsored by California Avocado Commission. If I weren’t so concerned with keeping my variety game strong on this blog, there’s a solid chance that 80% of my recipes …

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Mexican Street Corn Buddha Bowls with Basil-Lime Vinaigrette

Mexican street corn Buddha bowls are chock full of fresh grilled corn, rice, mixed greens, cabbage, tomato, onion, queso fresco, avocado, and hard-boiled egg – everything you need for a fresh and healthful summer vegetarian meal. I’m leaving for Iceland today! Headed overseas to hang with Eva and Carey and a bunch of talented individuals …

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