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Paleo Meal Plan

Weekly Paleo Meal Plans with nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory meals that are healthy, easy to prepare, and loaded with beneficial nutrients.

Paleo Meal Plan – Week 2

This Paleo Meal Plan includes low and anti-inflammatory meals that are comprised of nothing but whole foods. These meals are easy to assemble, blasted with flavor, and will ignite your motivation to cook each week!

Be sure to print out the grocery list at the bottom of the post to make shopping for the week a breeze.

It’s Week 2 of our Paleo Meal Plans, and I couldn’t be more excited for this one!

We have a ton of variety as well as a couple tricks to make meal prepping easier for the week. 

Natalie and I put a lot of thought into the meals we choose for these meal plans, because we want to help make meal prep extra easy, not at all stressful, and ultra tasty.

We want to be sure you’re getting all sorts of variety but at the same time are able to cross over ingredients from various recipes so that you won’t get sick of flavors, but also don’t have to buy a ton of different ingredients.

I think you’ll love this week! Everything requires very few ingredients and is super straightforward. Because we have a big holiday coming up and everyone will likely be doing a lot of cooking, this meal plan will be a nice break from difficult or overwhelming recipes, as everything is so quick and easy!

On this week’s menu, we have Immunity-Boosting Turmeric Chicken Soup, Mustard-Herb Pork Loin with Maple Butternut Mash, Mediterranean Salmon, Indian-Inspired Butternut Squash Soup, Tuscan Chicken, Wild Rice Salad with Pesto Sauce, and for dessert: Paleo 7-Layer Magic Bars!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and have fun meal prepping for the week!



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Paleo Meal Plan – Week 1

A Paleo Meal Plan complete with six dinner recipes and one dessert PLUS a printable grocery list to make meal prep easy for the week. This meal plan features seasonal ingredients and includes whole30 and low-carb / keto options.


If you’ve followed along for a while, you know I’ve been posting Vegetarian Meal Plans every Saturday for quite a long time. 

Well, I’m so psyched to introduce you to a brand new meal plan that has been a long-time coming!

Why Paleo?

After giving it much thought, I decided I wanted to stick to meal plans that are closer to the way I actually eat.

I have a great deal of vegetarian and vegan followers, but the reality is, I am nowhere near plant-based. I wanted to provide a valuable resource for that sector of my audience, and I’m so happy I could for so long.

While I absolutely eat a ton of vegetables (like 6 lbs per day) and sometimes meatless meals, the majority of what I eat includes animal protein and is closer to a paleolithic diet.

Put simply, meat, vegetables, and rice is where I thrive, and because the majority of my recipes reflect that, I can only assume the majority of my audience eats similarly to me.

Authenticity and transparency are very important to me, so while I loved those plant-based meal plans, I felt the right thing to do was to stick with my own style of eating.

If you loved the Vegetarian Meal Plans, you can still access old ones in my archives (I’m certainly not deleting them! You have PLENTY to choose from). The other ladies I made the meal plans with are still doing them, so you can still get new veggie meal plans if you go to their blogs.

About These Paleo Meal Plans:

I’m collaborating with my friend Natalie Perry, who writes the blog, Perry’s Plate, to make these plans. You may recognize Natalie’s site and name, as I’ve spoken about her a number of times on this site throughout the years. She’s my bud!

Natalie is a two-time cookbook author, mother of four, lives in Idaho with her husband and kids, and creates AMAZING whole food-centric recipes. We share the same food philosophy and lean toward all-natural whole food meals.

Each meal plan will consist of six dinner recipes and one dessert. We will provide a printable grocery list so that you can easily shop for your meals for the week. We’ll be posting a meal plan every other Saturday, and it will be up at midnight pacific time.

If you use Sunday as your meal prep day, simply print out the grocery list on Saturday for your run to the store, and get to prepping for the week!

Additional Notes:

For each recipe, we include prep ahead suggestions (if applicable) as well as call out the special diets it fits, and any possible substitutions. 

Because Natalie and I both believe in the importance of eating seasonally, every meal plan will include seasonally-appropriate meals. 

Our goal is to make these weekly meal plans as simple and useful to you as possible. Feel free to give us suggestions on what would make your experience better! We are here to provide value to your life and ideally make nourishing your body easier.

That’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Natalie or I! I hope you love these plans!

Without further adieu, here is week 1’s meal plan!


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