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Red Curry Fried Rice

Red curry fried rice with vegetables is a healthier take on takeout! This easy recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes and makes for an amazing side dish to any style of meal! Change up the vegetables and/or animal protein to your heart’s delight.

Hello, fried rice, my old friend.

Fried rice is so entrenched in my household, it is practically a state of being.

If you’re anything like me and you love fried rice, Thai food, are NOT above eating fried rice as a meal, and…carbs…then this is the recipe has your first, middle, and last name written all over it.

This new rendition involves red curry paste, a variety of vegetables, a splash of fish sauce (just trust me), and a touch of pure maple syrup to offset the salty, umami, spicy flavors.

It is no more difficult to prepare than the last fried rice you made.

…And if you’ve never made fried rice, it’s easy mmmmkay!

Let’s do this.

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Green Curry with Fish

Fish green curry with zucchini, green beans, and broccoli is a super quick and delicious curry in a hurry recipe! This easy recipe can be made nightshade-free and keto.

I spent the first three weeks of September in Whitefish, Montana, which is what inspired this recipe. I was perusing one of the local grocery stores and noticed a sizeable whitefish fillet in the seafood section, which had been freshly caught the day before in Whitefish Lake. 

Being the fish obsessed human I am, I immediately knew I wanted to make curry with it. So curry it up, I did!

Here’s what you need to know about this recipe:

Recipe Highlights:

  • This fish green curry requires right around 30 minutes to make, including chopping the vegetables and fish!
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, DELICIOUS
  • Can easily be turned into yellow or red curry (see Recipe Adaptations below)
  • Packed with all your essential nutrients – healthy fat from the coconut milk, lean protein from the white fish, vitamins and minerals from the veggies, and easily digestible carbs from the white rice (or make it low-carb by using cauliflower rice).
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Green Curry Thai Noodle Soup

Easy Green Curry Noodle Soup with rice noodles, chicken, and vegetables is quick and easy to prepare and JAM PACKED with comforting creamy Thai curry flavors. Make it as a meal prep recipe to eat throughout the week or serve to guests!

Do you love curry so much you could just…drink it?

Then you’re in good company!

Thai stir fry noodles and Thai curry are simply irresistible to me. As I mentioned a couple months ago in my 30-Minute Thai Curry Noodles recipe, I often have a difficult time choosing between the noodle and the curry. What a loaded decision!

This to say, combining Thai noodles and Thai curry is what we’re doing in this situation and turning it into a delightful soup. 

Because life is too short to not drink curry.

You can quote me on that.

All joshing aside, this magnificently comforting Thai soup recipe is gluten-free, soy-free, packed with veggies, and is crazy filling and satisfying. Plus, it’s fun to make!

My favorite part?: This recipe is easy to adapt using your favorite curry paste, animal protein, and/or vegetables. Translation: curry noodle soup all day everyday, you’re welcome.

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Nightshade-Free AIP Green Curry with Salmon

Nightshade-Free AIP Green Curry with sockeye salmon and vegetables is a low-inflammatory meal, suitable for those who follow the Autoimmune Protocol Diet, paleo, keto, Low-FODMAP, and/or Whole30. This easy recipe takes just over 30 minutes to make!

My curry archive on this site is becoming so extensive, I’m almost tempted to dial back the curry production…


My approach to Thai curry runs the gamete. I’ll take the time to make my own spice blend or keep it easy by using store-bought curry paste. In addition, occasionally I’ll take a nightshade-free, low-inflammatory approach by making curry without chilies whatsoever.

Which brings me to my next point – If you try to keep your inflammation under control by eating a low-inflammatory or Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet, or if you simply like to play around with flavors, this recipe is for you! 

I posted a Nightshade-Free AIP Curry  several months ago, which includes chicken and is more of a yellow curry approach; however, this time around, we’re going green, AIP style!

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Instant Pot Indian Lamb Curry

Instant Pot Indian Lamb Curry is a quick, easy, and absolutely delicious take on traditional lamb curry. This dairy-free lamb curry recipe uses coconut milk instead of heavy cream or yogurt to keep the curry creamy without the dairy.

I’ve been a huge fan of Indian curry since my early teen years. Indian Eggplant Curry (Bhaingan Bharta), Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Lamb Curry are my all-time favorites. 

A couple of years ago, I noticed that dairy wasn’t sitting with me as well as it used to and after taking a food sensitivity test, it was confirmed I have a delayed immune response to dairy.

That said, Indian curry is usually rich in heavy cream or half & half. I couldn’t possibly give up some of my favorite Indian-inspired meals, so I simply now make Indian curry with coconut milk instead of cream. 

Which arrives us at what we’re doing here today. A quick, easy and delicious recipe for Instant Pot Indian Lamb Curry. Making curry in your pressure cooker is bangarang!

It requires hardly any time or effort, you can make a ginormous amount if you’d like, and it results in a lovely aromatic meal that will make you swoon!

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One-Skillet Chicken Green Curry with Rice

One-Skillet Chicken Green Curry with Rice is a quick and easy meal that incorporates chicken curry with vegetables and rice all in one pot! This easy meal is comfort food at its finest.


Lover of curry and looking for the easiest approach of all time to make it yourself at home? I’ve gotchu.

If you made my One-Skillet Ground Turkey Thai Curry with Rice a few months ago, you’re already familiar with the concept behind this recipe.

It’s simple, really. You use one skillet to make the curry and cook the rice into the curry so that it soaks up the coconut milk sauce and becomes ultra delicious. In this sense, you aren’t steaming rice separately from the curry, which makes the meal prep just a little bit quicker and easier. Style points!

This Thai green curry includes vegetables such as carrots, bell pepper, zucchini and broccoli, along with chicken thighs, all stewed in a deliciously creamy green curry coconut milk sauce. There’s plenty of room for adaptation here.

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Pressure Cooker Green Curry

Pressure cooker green curry with chicken and vegetables is quick and easy to make! This flavor-packed dinner recipe is easy to adapt and requires no more than 30 minutes to prepare.

Thai food is arguably my favorite comfort food, and I thoroughly enjoy making it at home! If you have followed some of my other curry recipes, you know that while I do adore creating my own spice blends for Thai curry, I am also partial to keeping it simply by using curry paste. 

I find a simple combination of coconut milk, ginger, curry paste, any animal protein I’m craving and seasonal vegetables make for a belly-warming, ultra satisfying curry that is both made on-the-cheap and also very healthful! 

When I get a wild hair, I also enjoy throwing in fresh basil and some fish sauce for added flavor.

In addition to the fact that this green curry turns out tasting remarkable, it is so quick to prepare in the pressure cooker!

Indeed, this recipe requires less than 30 minutes to prepare from start-to-finish! You can whip it up any evening after work or use it as meal prep for the week.

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30-Minute Thai Red Curry with Fish

30-Minute Thai Red Curry with Fish made super quick and easy in your skillet! Serve it up with spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice or regular rice for an epic meal.

I generally get a massive hankering for Thai curry at least once a week. While I have no qualms about ordering takeout, it recently dawned on me that I can whip out a mean Thai curry in the same amount of time (or less) it takes to order and pick up takeout.

Because I generally have curry essentials on hand (canned coconut milk, curry paste, ginger, fresh vegetables, and a stock of animal protein), I turned over a new leaf to minimize my takeout obsession, and simply make the amazing meal at home. In less than 30 minutes. With super squeaky clean ingredients.

What I love about this Thai Red Curry with Fish, aside from the fact that it’s DELICIOUS is I know exactly what goes into it. It is soy-free, refined sugar-free, and gluten-free. I use organic produce and quality animal protein when I cook at home, which makes the meal ultra easy on the ol’ GI system. 

Bowl of Thai red curry served with spaghetti squash

Fish and seafood tend to be my protein of choice, but I also make this exact recipe with chicken often. I can also enjoy it when spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles instead of rice if I’m feeling a lower carb situation.

Plus, whipping up a healthful, clean, yet insanely flavorful meal is the ultimate win. And we all need wins from time to time, right? RIGHT!

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