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Keto Chocolate Ice Cream (Vegan)

Keto chocolate ice cream made with avocados! This dairy-free vegan recipe does not require an ice cream maker. All you need is a blender to prepare this no-churn chocolate ice cream recipe.

This post is sponsored by The California Avocado Comission.

Keto Chocolate Ice Cream - paleo, vegan, dairy-free chocolate ice cream made with avocados. This easy no churn recipe only requires a blender or food processor. |

If you’ve been around The Roasted Root for a few years, you may remember my Dairy-Free Fudgesicles , 4-Ingredient Paleo Avocado Chocolate Mousse. or my Vegan Key Lime Popsicles. What these desserts have in common is they are all made with the same all-start ingredient: Avocados!

While it may seem strange to make a dessert using avocados, I pinky promise you, avocados make an incredibly mouth-watering creamy chilled or frozen treat. In addition to how tasty the result turns out, I love knowing the treat contains healthy fats from the California avocado and is made using cleaner ingredients than store-bought ice cream.

When combined with full-fat coconut milk, cocoa powder, and a liquid sweetener, California avocados make a mean chocolate ice cream!

Keto Chocolate Ice Cream - paleo, vegan, dairy-free chocolate ice cream made with avocados. This easy no churn recipe only requires a blender or food processor. |

Can you taste the avocado in this keto chocolate ice cream? Not in the slightest! Because avocados have such subtle flavor, they are easily masked by bolder flavors like cocoa. You can’t tell this ice cream is dairy-free! It turns out so creamy and custardy with a similar consistency to gelato.

For this particular recipe, we’re going the keto route using a sugar-free liquid sweetener to keep the recipe low-carb. There are plenty of options for sweeteners, so be sure to read the notes below!

Let’s hop to it!

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Paleo Avocado Pancakes

Paleo Avocado Pancakes made with almond flour, eggs, unsweetened almond milk and avocado are a fluffy, moist, delicious savory pancake! Make them for breakfast, brunch, or dinner! This post is sponsored by the California Avocado Commission. I know, I know…pancakes made with avocado? What has the world come to? But hear me out. These amazing …

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Crispy Avocado Breakfast Tacos

Veggie-packed crispy avocado breakfast tacos with black beans, roasted sweet potato, cauliflower, eggs, and chipotle sauce. This nutritious breakfast taco recipe is perfect for brunch season! This post is sponsored by the California Avocado Commission. Allow me to introduce you to my latest food crush!: Breakfast tacos filled with crispy baked avocado, roasted sweet potato …

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Warm Brussel Sprout Salad with Kale, Quinoa and Bacon Vinaigrette

A warm  shredded brussel sprouts salad with kale, quinoa, crispy bacon, avocado, pear, walnuts, and a warm bacon-cider vinaigrette. This nutritious salad is inviting during the cold weather months.

I created this recipe for The California Avocado Commission. You can skip to the recipe HERE or continue reading.

Warm Brussles Sprouts Salad with Kale, Quinoa, Pears, and Bacon Vinaigrette - an incredibly nutritious salad or side dish to share with friends and family | #glutenfree #healthyrecipe

How do you feel about warm salads? I’ve gotta say, I absolutely love them!

If you’re a salad fiend, you may have noticed raw vegetables can be a bit tough on your digestive system. All it takes is a quick steam or saute to soften up the fibers so that your GI tract processes them easier so that they don’t cause GI upset and the nutrients are better absorbed.

I find lightly sauteed hearty greens like kale and brussel sprouts make for a filling salad that is easy on the digestive system and so cozy and inviting during the fall and winter months. With fall rapidly approaching, I’ll be whipping up warm salads regularly for lunches and dinners.

This salad is loaded with goodies! Shredded brussels sprouts, kale, quinoa, California avocado, sliced pears, and toasted walnuts make up this nutritious texturally-pleasing dish. The whole thing is tied together with a simple bacon-cider vinaigrette for a straightforward yet comforting and nourishing meal.

Essentially, it checks all the boxes!

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Burger Bowls with Chipotle Sauce

How do you like your hamburgers? These burger bowls with chipotle sauce, mixed greens, sauerkraut, pickled beets, carrot, and avocado are a colorful, healthful, clean approach to your classic burger. Change it up with your favorite bowl add-ins!

Burger Bowls with Chipotle Sauce, sauerkraut, pickled beets, carrots, mixed greens and avocado - a nutritious approach to hamburgers! These bowls are a healthy dinner option and are easy to make any night of the week!

Burgers are a fairly frequent event in my household, although my approach isn’t quite traditional. While I’m definitely up for a gluten-free bun from time to time, I actually prefer my burger in a bowl with all sorts of other goodies, or in a lettuce wrap with a side of Crispy Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Dipping Sauce.

For this particular burger bowl, I used mixed greens, pickled beets and sauerkraut (both store-bought, but you can easily make your own at home!), carrots, avocado, green onion, and those sweet potato fries with a drizzle of chipotle sauce. This bowl is so packed with flair and flavor, you’ll want to put it on repeat.

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