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Keto Eggnog (Dairy-Free)

Keto Eggnog recipe made dairy-free using coconut milk. Rich, creamy, warmly spiced with nutmeg and inviting! This sugar-free eggnog recipe is flavorful, festive and cozy on a chilly evening!

The day I learned eggnog has actual egg yolks in it was the same day I decided it’s okay to ignore certain facts in order to continue loving something.

Having a selective understanding about food can certainly benefit our adventurous side. Alligator tastes like chicken, monkfish liver is an absolute delicacy, SPAM musubi is absolutely worth the gut bomb backlash, durian fruit can go back to the fiery hole from which it crawled, and egg yolks a fabulous eggnog make. 

The facts of life, foodie edition.

Having learned the truth about eggnog at the tender age of four, I was shocked when my uncle, who was visiting for the holidays, added egg yolk after egg yolk to his batch of cheer, but because it was made out of sugar and a bright future, I determined I could hang.

Dairy-Free Keto Eggnog made with coconut milk and sugar-free sweetener for a low-carb eggnog recipe

I did post an absolutely delicious Vegan Eggnog Recipe last year that was eggless and absolutely delicious, so I can’t say I have a strong opinion one way or another as to whether or not yolks should be mandatory.

But I will say, this Keto Eggnog recipe with yolks is pretty yum!

Recipe Highlights:

Because I can’t do fresh dairy like milk or cream, I made this Keto Eggnog recipe dairy-free using canned coconut milk. I also haven’t been consuming much sugar (natural or otherwise), so I opted for a sugar-free eggnog using sugar-free granulated sweetener. 

All things considered, this is a dairy-free low-carb eggnog recipe, marvelous for those who want to get their yolk on without excess sugar.

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Keto Chocolate Pie

This Keto-Friendly Chocolate Pie is grain-free, sugar-free, vegan, dairy-free, and incredibly rich and creamy! This mouth-watering, delicious chocolate pie recipe is a carb-conscious version of classic French Silk Pie and is perfect for sharing during the holidays and beyond!

What desserts are always present at your family’s gatherings?

In my family, there’s always both Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving, and always, always chocolate pie at Christmas…several, actually. One with nuts, two without 😉

…With plenty of whipped cream for engulfing the whole slice.

I’ve mentioned in past recipe posts that I’m all about embracing traditional family dishes, but have slowly over the years made my way through each and every one of them, adapting the recipes to different dietary needs along the way.

There are multiple people in my family who have to watch their sugar, be mindful of their carb intake, etc. so taking a classic family favorite and turning it into a version everyone could eat was a major win.

And you guys…this pie…is an absolute pleasure!

Low-Carb Chocolate Pie - sugar-free, grain-free, dairy-free, healthy French Silk Pie recipe

A creamy, rich, sweet chocolate filling is settled atop a perfectly nutty and crunchy crust (think a grain-free version of graham cracker crust), generating a perfect bite each and every time.

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Keto Shortbread Cookies (Dairy-Free)

Keto Shortbread Cookies made with three basic ingredients! This easy low-carb shortbread recipe is grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan. A healthier cookie recipe to enjoy during the holidays!

Who here is ready to go full send into butter and sugar season??

I can only speak for myself when I say bring it on!

Having grown up with a mother who is a fabulous baker, I always eagerly await the holidays because I absolutely love baking treats to share with others. In fact, I get more joy out of giving away the treats than I do from actually consuming them. 😉

Every holiday season, I share a new shortbread recipe. I just can’t help it…there is just so much you can do with shortbread!

Low-Carb Shortbread Cookies made with almond flour and coconut oil - a healthier keto Christmas cookie recipe

Just take a gander at my Paleo Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, 3-Ingredient Paleo Shortbread, Chocolate-Dipped Cardamom Orange Paleo Shortbread Cookies, and Maple Pecan Gluten-Free Shortbread to whet your whistle.

WELL, this is the first  low-carb keto shortbread cookie recipe I have shared on this site. Boy oh boy, is it tasty!

It reminds me of traditional shortbread, giving you all the festive holiday feels. It tastes nice and buttery in spite of being dairy-free. It has that delectable crisp and a very similar texture to shortbread made with regular all-purpose flour.

If you love classic shortbread, you’ll enjoy these buttery cookies as is! If you’re a chocoholic like me, you can spruce them up even further. Dip the shortbread in melted sugar-free chocolate and sprinkle with chopped nuts for a real wild ride!

Low-Carb Keto Shorbread Dipped in Chocolate - grain-free, dairy-free, vegan shortbread cookie recipe made with almond flour

Let’s bake them up!

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Stuffed Delicata Squash with Ground Beef

Stuffed Delicata Squash with Ground Beef, cranberries, pecans and green onion is a healthy, filling clean dinner recipe perfect for those looking for a nutritious meal! This easy recipe comes together quickly and is a great option for those following a paleo or whole30 diet.

Stuffed vegetables. Forever the rage!

I recently had a revelation that I could likely eat stuffed squash for dinner every single night during the fall and winter months and never get tired of it.

Just think of all the combinations and permutations one can come up with to create so many different meals out of stuffed squash! 

For starters, there are many varieties of winter squash, in addition to all sorts of proteins, grains, legumes, fruit, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens, cheese, nuts, seeds and more! 

Ground Beef Stuffed Delicata Squash with cranberries and pecans - paleo, whole30, healthy clean dinner recipe

Take, for instance, my Stuffed Acorn Squash with Ground Beef, Brussel Sprouts, and Kale, Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls, Turkey Stuffed Butternut Squash, Ground Turkey Stuffed Delicata Squash and my Stuffed Acorn Squash with Quinoa, Pears, and Pecans

So many possibilities!

There’s just so much pleasure to be had with stuffing winter squash with a variety of goofies if you ask me!

The Inspiration For This Recipe:

I’ve had delicata squash recipes on the brain since I posted my Maple Cinnamon Roasted Delicata Squash a few weeks ago. To me, it tastes like pure sugar mixed with adrenaline. 

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Paleo Meal Plan – Week 1

A Paleo Meal Plan complete with six dinner recipes and one dessert PLUS a printable grocery list to make meal prep easy for the week. This meal plan features seasonal ingredients and includes whole30 and low-carb / keto options.


If you’ve followed along for a while, you know I’ve been posting Vegetarian Meal Plans every Saturday for quite a long time. 

Well, I’m so psyched to introduce you to a brand new meal plan that has been a long-time coming!

Why Paleo?

After giving it much thought, I decided I wanted to stick to meal plans that are closer to the way I actually eat.

I have a great deal of vegetarian and vegan followers, but the reality is, I am nowhere near plant-based. I wanted to provide a valuable resource for that sector of my audience, and I’m so happy I could for so long.

While I absolutely eat a ton of vegetables (like 6 lbs per day) and sometimes meatless meals, the majority of what I eat includes animal protein and is closer to a paleolithic diet.

Put simply, meat, vegetables, and rice is where I thrive, and because the majority of my recipes reflect that, I can only assume the majority of my audience eats similarly to me.

Authenticity and transparency are very important to me, so while I loved those plant-based meal plans, I felt the right thing to do was to stick with my own style of eating.

If you loved the Vegetarian Meal Plans, you can still access old ones in my archives (I’m certainly not deleting them! You have PLENTY to choose from). The other ladies I made the meal plans with are still doing them, so you can still get new veggie meal plans if you go to their blogs.

About These Paleo Meal Plans:

I’m collaborating with my friend Natalie Perry, who writes the blog, Perry’s Plate, to make these plans. You may recognize Natalie’s site and name, as I’ve spoken about her a number of times on this site throughout the years. She’s my bud!

Natalie is a two-time cookbook author, mother of four, lives in Idaho with her husband and kids, and creates AMAZING whole food-centric recipes. We share the same food philosophy and lean toward all-natural whole food meals.

Each meal plan will consist of six dinner recipes and one dessert. We will provide a printable grocery list so that you can easily shop for your meals for the week. We’ll be posting a meal plan every other Saturday, and it will be up at midnight pacific time.

If you use Sunday as your meal prep day, simply print out the grocery list on Saturday for your run to the store, and get to prepping for the week!

Additional Notes:

For each recipe, we include prep ahead suggestions (if applicable) as well as call out the special diets it fits, and any possible substitutions. 

Because Natalie and I both believe in the importance of eating seasonally, every meal plan will include seasonally-appropriate meals. 

Our goal is to make these weekly meal plans as simple and useful to you as possible. Feel free to give us suggestions on what would make your experience better! We are here to provide value to your life and ideally make nourishing your body easier.

That’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Natalie or I! I hope you love these plans!

Without further adieu, here is week 1’s meal plan!


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Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Muffins (No Added Sweetener!)

Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Muffins made grain-free, oil-free, dairy-free with no added sugar! These healthy carrot banana muffins are studded with raisins and pecans for a perfectly sweet, texturally pleasing nutritious snack.

Carrot cake, meet banana muffins…banana muffins, meet carrot cake!

What a lovely combination we’ve stumbled upon here!

I mentioned a few months ago I’ve been sweetening some of my treats using solely bananas, which is what is going on here. Look at these like healthy carrot cake cupcakes…or banana cupcakes…or healthy banana carrot muffins. 

Whatever you want to call them, they’re here for your snacking, breakfasting, desserting pleasure. 

All things considered, these muffins are grain-free, dairy-free, oil-free, contain zero added sweetener, are paleo-friendly and are absolutely delicious!

Paleo Carrot Cake Cupcakes sweetened with banana - grain-free, sugar-free, oil-free, dairy-free, and healthy

If you’d like, you can do as I did and frost the muffins using my Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting recipe. This gives the muffins a cupcake feel for a more decadent approach!

Do note, that the cream cheese frosting is sweetened with pure maple syrup, so you would need to skip the frosting to keep these sugar-free, or use sugar-free sweetener in the frosting.

Let’s get down to business!

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Rotisserie Chicken Soup

In the event you have a massive craving for soup, need the guarantee that it will turn out spectacular, AND are all about making cooking the easiest thing you’ve done all day, then this Rotisserie Chicken Soup is for you!

Rotisserie Chicken Soup - the easiest, quickest chicken soup recipe in all the land

This is truly how lazy I am. 

Step 1: buy a fully-cooked chicken. Step 2: toss it in a pot with broth and veggies, and WHAMO! Dinner for days!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been making chicken soup using store-bought chicken a lot recently.

I’m all about making food from scratch, but here’s the thing: store-bought rotisserie chicken is just SO GOOD!

Plus, it makes the soup making process so quick and easy, and you’re guaranteed to end up with an amazing result.

Rotisserie Chicken Soup with Vegetables - only a handful of ingredients are needed for this quick, easy, healthy dinner recipe

I love that rotisserie chicken is super moist and flavorful, resulting in amazingly comforting soup with the most tender, delicious meat.

My trick to preparing soup relatively quickly is sautéing the veggies first. I simply cook the vegetables until they have softened but are still al dente before adding the broth, seasoning, and/or animal protein. 

In this case, since the chicken is already cooked and has tons of flavor, the soup is done once it has reached a full boil and the vegetables have reached your desired done-ness! 

For me, the whole process takes roughly 30 minutes.

Rotisserie Chicken Soup Recipe - use store-bought rotisserie chicken in this quick and simple healthy soup recipe

I often eat my chicken soup with rice. If you’d like to cook rice into your soup, add 1/3 cup of brown or white rice and allow the soup to cook long enough to cook the rice – about 30 minutes.

Rotisserie Chicken Soup with Rice - easy, paleo, whole30, keto, low-carb dinner recipe

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4-Ingredient Flourless Healthy Brownies

Flourless Healthy Brownies made with 4 basic ingredients are a moist, fudgy brownies treat with benefits! With no added flour, sugar, oil, dairy, or grains, this easy brownie recipe will surely be a staple in your home!

A few weeks ago, I decided to cut out all excess sugars, including less refined sugars like coconut sugar, honey, even sugar-free sweeteners, etc. While for me sugar cravings do lessen with time, chocolate cravings really hold strong.

You could say chocoholism runs thick in my blood veins.

My father ate chocolate mouse every single day when he was in his twenties, still drinks chocolate milk, and will destroy a bowl of raw chocolate chip cookie dough if given the opportunity…so you could say I just can’t help it.

And boy oh boy do I fiend.

And I’m thusly always looking for chocolatey goodies that I can regularly enjoy without a lot of added sugar.

Enter: these Flourless Healthy Brownies.

Made with 4 ingredients, zero of which are natural or refined sugar, ultra fudgy and moist, grain-free, dairy-free, oil-free, basically free of everything but these 4 ingredients…let’s chat about them.

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Keto Cranberry Orange Bread with Crumble Topping

Keto Cranberry Orange Bread made with coconut flour and sweetened with sugar-free sweetener for a low-carb breakfast, snack or dessert! This easy sweet quick bread recipe is moist, fluffy, and you’d never know it is grain-free and sugar-free! Bake up loaf after loaf during the holiday season. Holiday intentions?: Bake this keto cranberry orange bread …

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Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon (Gluten-Free)

Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon made gluten-free, and paleo friendly! This easy beef bourguignon recipe is so simple to make in the pressure cooker and results in the most comforting dinner recipe!

You’ll be shocked to know it’s so easy that it can be made virtually any night of the week and put on repeat! No fancy occasion necessary!

Beef Bourguignon. Wow, what a topic! I almost didn’t want to touch this classic dish due to its notoriety. To me it seemed like one of those dishes that could only be touched by the most well-esteemed of highly-trained chefs. 

Well, I’m happy to say, I put on my big girl bitches and dove into the lovely land of Bourguignon. Not only is it not at all intimidating, but it’s just one of those feel-good meals that we should all be enjoying during the chilly fall and winter months.

Let’s take a step back for the bourg newbies in the house.

Instant Pot Beef Bourguignon - an easy gluten-free beef bourguignon recipe made in the pressure cooker. Perfectly tender beef stew with carrots

What is Beef Bourguignon:

Beef Bourguignon (also known as Beef Burgundy, bœuf à la Bourguignonne or bœuf bourguignon in France) is a classic French beef stew. Tender chunks of meat are smothered in a thick sauce made of red wine (or burgundy) and beef stock that is typically thickened by a roux (butter and flour mixture). 

Traditionally, the dish includes onions, carrots, herbs, mushrooms, and bacon. Some people add potatoes to the stew to make it even more filling and inviting. 

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Almond Flour Coffee Cake (Paleo)

Almond Flour Coffee Cake that is perfectly moist and fluffy with amazing cinnamon pecan topping. This delicious healthy coffee cake recipe is paleo, grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free.

Well, this is long overdue! 

If you’ve been following my site for a few years, you know I have about 17 million coffee cake recipes. All requiring different funky add-ins to make each very unique and special…but every single coffee cake recipe is made with coconut flour.

This is our first foray into almond flour coffee cake, and I really must say….I’m obsessed. 

This paleo coffee cake turns out tasting plenty cinnamony and is perfectly sweet. In my mind, coffee cake shouldn’t be as sweet as a standard cake…subtly sweet but not in a dessert-like way. 

It is nice and moist and has a buttery flavor to it in spite of the fact that it contains no butter. In my mind, it’s the perfect healthy treat for anyone to enjoy as breakfast or snack. PLUS, if you have family or guests around that have dietary restrictions, this is a marvelous recipe that fits multiple restrictions.

Paleo Coffee Cake - almond flour coffee cake sweetened with pure maple syrup for a grain-free, sugar-free healthy breakfast

First things first, let’s talk ingredients:

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Vegetarian Meal Plan 11.29.2020

This week’s meal plan is made up of quick and easy meals that will nourish and satisfy that bodacious bod. Be sure to print out the grocery list to make shopping easy peasy!

How was your Thanksgiving?

My partner and I had a very low-key Thanksgiving just the two of us this year. We’re still rich in leftovers, which is my favorite part about these holiday feasts. 

If you aren’t teaming with leftovers, we’ve got you! Sticking with a routine is important to me, and the simple act of preparing the week’s meals in advance can make the week go so smoothly. This to say, we’re still here, meal planning it up!

On the menu this week: Roasted Squash Salad, Black Bean Soup, Moroccan Chickpea and Butternut Squash, Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta, Crispy Baked Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos, and Creamy Tahini Spaghetti Squash.

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season!


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