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Hearty Ground Turkey Soup with Vegetables

Hearty ground turkey soup with vegetables is a clean and comforting meal perfect for soothing the belly and soul. Make it if you’re feeling under the weather, or if you just love a great nourishing soup recipe! This is a curl-up-on-the-couch-in-your-fuzzy-socks-when-it’s-snowing-outside kind of soup. Or a clean cold-busting remedy that tastes amazing but isn’t your …

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Zucchini and Ground Turkey Skillet

Zucchini and ground turkey skillet with ginger, green onion, baby spinach, coconut aminos and dried herbs adds up to a super clean dinner recipe that comes together in less than 30 minutes!

Ready for a less-than-30-minute meal that will knock your socks off?

True story: I’ve been making this zucchini and ground turkey skillet all summer long. At first, I thought it would be too simple and unimpressive to post, but it has become such a staple in my weekly meal prep that I figured you would get some use out of it too!

Recipe Highlights:

  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • Low-carb
  • Low-FODMAP (easy on the gut)
  • Lean (low in fat)
  • Protein packed
  • Whole 30, paleo, keto
  • Easy to throw together any ol’ night of the week
  • Amazing for meal prep!

Let’s make it!

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Spinach Frittata with Zucchini, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Goat Cheese

Zucchini frittata with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and goat cheese is a wickedly flavorful breakfast, perfect for sharing with friends and family!


When I’m making breakfast for guests, I almost always make a frittata or breakfast casserole . There’s just no denying the palatability and satiety of a nice egg dish that’s infused with goodies!

I recently whipped up this frittata for my brother and his life companion a few weekends ago, and they absolutely destroyed it. Okay, okay, my brother destroyed it…his lady is blessed with self-restraint around food.

Lack of self-restraint around food runs in our family.


This frittata is quite the crowd-pleaser! I’ve made it on numerous occasions with slight variations on the cheese selections. It’s one of those nutritious breakfasts you can put on repeat over and over for your family, because: vegetables. It also happens to make an awesome make-ahead breakfast for those of us busy folk who have no qualms about eating the same meals throughout the week!

So let’s do this!

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Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper

Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper is an easy low-carb, keto, paleo dinner recipe that turns out mouth-wateringly tender and amazingly flavorful. A delicious meal worthy of putting on repeat!

Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper - a low-carb, keto, paleo dinner recipe |

Since my Mediterranean Salmon in Parchment Paper is one of my all-time favorite recipes on this site AND I have a deep love for pesto, I figured I would simplify the parchment paper salmon concept and just go with pesto.

Revolutionary? Nay. But friends, you NEED this!

The salmon turns out so crazy tender in this application and the whole thing is a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

I made the pesto sauce using what greens I had in the refrigerator: spinach, basil, and dill. I used what nuts I had in the pantry: almonds and pistachios. The end result? A flavorful herb salmon with just the loveliest nutty crunch.

Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper - a low-carb, keto, paleo dinner recipe |

Can you go with classic pesto sauce? Yes, absolutely! I cover that in the Pesto Sauce section below. For now, let’s learn…

How to Make Pesto Salmon in Parchment Paper:

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Spinach Pesto Sauce (Low-FODMAP, Paleo)

Spinach pesto sauce made dairy-free and low-FODMAP. This easy pesto sauce recipe is vegan, and can also be adapted to include parmesan and garlic for a more classic approach.

Spinach Pesto Sauce - a paleo recipe for pesto using spinach for a nutrient-dense sauce - dairy-free with a Low-FODMAP option |

Hypothetical situation: You have a massive hankering for something pesto-y, but don’t have any pesto on hand, nor do you have basil to make your own pesto. But you do have spinach!

Hypothetical situation #2: You have kids who love pesto sauce but don’t enjoy eating leafy greens. In walks: spinach pesto.

Case in point: I wanted to make pesto salmon a couple weeks ago, but found the basil in my refrigerator had gone bad, and I didn’t have any pesto sauce on hand; however, I did have a huge tub of spinach.

So I gathered up some nuts from the pantry and tossed them in my food processor with spinach, dill, and oregano – essentially whatever I could find that was pesto-appropriate.

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Savory Grain-Free Crepes with Roasted Asparagus, Spinach, and Feta

Paleo crepes made easily in your blender! This quick recipe requires only 5 minutes of prep (no refrigeration time!). Serve them up with roasted and/or sautéed vegetables for a savory crepe experience.

This post is sponsored by Thrive Culinary Algae Oil.

Savory Paleo Crepes with Roasted Asparagus, Spinach, and Feta - grain-free crepes made with almond flour and tapioca flour | #glutenfree #breakfast

The first time I made Grain-Free Crepes, I thought for sure there was no way they could possibly turn out like regular crepes. Lo and behold, they are just as soft, spongy, malleable and delicious as the real deal!

…To the extent that I double dog dare you to serve them to friends and family and see if they can tell the difference!

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Roasted Carrot Spinach Salad with Lemon Herb Dressing

Roasted carrots, spinach, feta, and roasted pumpkin seeds make for a hearty salad that can be enjoyed as a light main dish or side dish. This clean meal is primal and keto for those looking for low-carb meal options.

Roasted Carrot Spinach Salad with Lemon Herb Dressing - a simple clean salad that is primal and keto. | #cleaneating #vegetarian #glutenfree

Oh hey! How was your first week of 2019?

For those of you who made resolutions, I hope they are coming along swimmingly. And if you haven’t stayed fully on track with your goals or aren’t currently where you want to be this very moment, remember to take whatever it is one decision at a time.

One meeting, one class, one nice gesture, one meal, one workout, one step at a time.

For those of us who are Big Picture people, resolutions or goals can seem incredibly daunting and insurmountable. In my experience, this is a sign I’m laser focused on something too large and need to take a moment to break it down into steps. Once it’s dissected, the process seems so much more doable and even pleasurable.

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