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Basil Fried Rice

Fresh and flavorful basil fried rice with coconut milk, carrot, broccoli, peas, and more! This easy fried rice recipe is healthful with a twist!


Whenever I find myself disgruntled and ask myself what I can do to make myself feel less cremudginy, the answer is often (always) the same: carbs.

Specifically of the fried rice varietal.

Don’t fret…you can still enjoy a pile of fried rice on the days you don’t feel like throwing yourself on the ground like a rag doll and tantruming it out. The true fact is, fried rice simply makes everything better.

And that is a fact of life upon which you can quote me 😉

Oh hey, how do you feel about basil in your fried rice?

Quite frankly, I feel grrrrrrrrrrreat about it!

This fried rice recipe comes together quickly and is ultra unique if I do say so myself. First, it includes a plethora of fresh vegetables, like carrots, broccoli, onion, and peas in addition to fresh basil. 

Not to mention, everything is cooked in coconut milk instead of oil. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?!

How do you feel about coconut milk in your fried rice? 

Stay with me! 

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Cauliflower Fried Rice (Keto, Paleo)

Paleo cauliflower fried rice made with, cabbage, carrot, green onion, egg, and more. This easy-to-prepare keto fried rice recipe is a healthful side dish (or meal!) of dreams!   How was your weekend? It was sunny and 70 degrees where I’m at, so I spent much of the weekend outside, sunburning my eyebrows (I kid …

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Aromatic Saffron Chicken with Coconut Rice

One-pot Aromatic Saffron Chicken and Coconut Rice with turmeric, coconut milk, peas, raisins and saffron threads – A flavorful, unique fusion dinner recipe that is amazing for sharing or meal prepping.

While this recipe comes off as a dish that has a rich cultural background, its origin is simply my imagination. 

Aromatic saffron chicken with coconut rice was simply born out of my craving for something big in flavor, with a counterbalance of salt, sweet, and cream. 

You could say it is a magical amalgamation of Indian, Middle Eastern and Thai faire. A fusion recipe, if you will.

I hadn’t thought about my “style” of cooking until recently, but I have come to realize it is exactly meals such as this. Fresh, flavorful dishes that combine big aromatic flavors and often can’t be pinned to any one type of cuisine but rather several. 

Aromatic Saffron Chicken with Coconut Rice in a large skillet with slices of lemon

While I absolutely LOVE authentic anything (Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, you name it), I also enjoy me-ifying meals by swapping out ingredients that are difficult to find, figuring out ways of cutting down prep time without sacrificing flavor, and always injecting nutrients whenever possible.

So without further adieu, let’s dive right into this amazing meal, which was nearly impossible for me to name but will surely make your taste buds swoon!

It’s easy, m’kay!

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