Vejo Review – a Portable Pod-Based Blender

My Vejo Review, the world’s first pod-based blender!! My Vejo review includes the full rundown the features, of how Vejo operates, who would love it, how I use it, and more!

This post is sponsored by Vejo.

Vejo Review - a portable pod-based blender for chilled smoothies and beverages

Have you heard of Vejo? It’s the latest and greatest portable pod-based blender. If you’re anything like me and you love your beverages and have a busy lifestyle, you are going to LOVE this blender!

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk details.

What is Vejo?

Vejo is a pod-based portable blender that you can bring with you and make delicious beverages on the go! It comes in nine gorgeous colors (as you can see, mine is orange!) and many, many flavors of blends! You can check out their starter kits and all of the flavors HERE!

Vejo Review - a portable pod-based blender for chilled smoothies and beverages

NOTE: If you purchase a Vejo Starter Kit now, you can get a FREE 8 pack of pods by using the coupon code: TRR8PACK 

If you’re looking for pre-workout, post-workout, coffee, collagen, protein, stress or sleep support, or simply a delicious drink with benefits, Vejo has you covered! I’m particularly fond of the Tart Berry smoothie. It’s perfectly sweet with lovely mixed berry tang!

The concept is similar to a pod-based coffee maker, but chilled instead of hot, and with a whole variety of healthful, delicious beverages.

Vejo offers many types of introductory packages, so you can choose the color of the blender as well as the pods that come with it.

The set also comes with cleaning pods and a cleaning brush so that you can easily wash the blender after each use.

AND to make re-ordering pods super easy, they even have a smart phone ap, which tracks your usage and can be used to replenish your stock of pods.

Vejo is incredibly durable! It is sturdy, lightweight and made with stainless steel with a composite blade. Any plastic components are food-grade and BPA-free. 

One of my favorite parts about the Vejo it its convenient size. It fits easily in the cupholder of my car, and my purse!

The charger works for a wall outlet and also has a USB cord, so I can charge it in my car on the way to camping.

Vejo Review - a portable pod-based blender for chilled smoothies and beverages

How I Use The Vejo Pod-Based Blender:

Those of you who know me are already well-aware of my undying obsession for bulletproof matcha lattes. I drink matcha every single morning, including when I travel! 

Back when it was easier to travel, I would bring my matcha making materials with me, along with a blender…I couldn’t possibly run the risk of not getting my matcha fix, you see.

When I go camping, I prepare a massive matcha latte ahead of time and store it in an insulated water bottle..that is how obsessed I am! 

So when Vejo reached out to me and attentioned me to their pod-based portable blender and matcha pods, I knew I would instantly be hooked on it, particularly for camping!

Vejo sent me the Vejo Starter Kit + Matcha, complete with plenty of Matcha pods, as well as four of their other flavors to try. The matcha is made creamy by oat powder so you get a nice creamy essence without dairy. This is ideal for me, because I’m intolerant to dairy and happen to LOVE the flavor of oat milk. It is sweetened with stevia – I love that it’s sugar-free!

I haven’t been travelling much these days, but I do still camp and take trips to the mountains. For my lifestyle, Vejo is ideal for ensuring I’m still getting my matcha fix every morning. I also love that it is chilled, because the weather where I’m at is very toasty in the summer.

Vejo Review - a portable pod-based blender for chilled smoothies and beverages - bring it on a road trip or camping!

How the Vejo Portable Blender Works:

Plug in the charging capsule, and place the lid of the blender on top of it. The lid will flash orange while it is charging, then turn solid green once it is fully charged.

How to charge a Vejo portable blender

If the lid is uncharged, it will take 3 hours to fully charge. Once charged, the lid is good to go for about 30 blending sessions!

How to charge a Vejo blender

Once you’re ready to blend, pour your Vejo with cold water to the fill line (about 7 ounces). Peel the seal on your pod, and place it upside down in the Vejo.

How to use a Vejo blender

How to use a Vejo blender

Secure the lid on the bottle, and twist until you hear a click. The blender will automatically begin blending and after 30 seconds, it will stop. The light on the if will then turn solid green, indicating it’s fine to open.

How to use a Vejo blender

Unscrew the lid, remove the used pod, and drink right from the blender!

How to use a Vejo blender

As an alternative, you can pour your delicious beverage into a glass with or without ice.

How to use a Vejo blender

After using the Vejo, rinse it and use the soft brush that comes with it to clean it with soap. Be sure you don’t put your Vejo in the dishwasher!

Who Would Love Vejo:

Smoothie/Shake Lovers: The way I see it, Vejo is an amazing tool for people who live life on the go, and/or those who love delicious drinks with benefits. 

Busy Bodies: Think: going to work then hitting the gym, running errands, and needing some fuel throughout the process so that you have sustained energy throughout the day and don’t come home feeling cranky and depleted.

Travel & Camping: I also think this is a great resource for folks like me who take road trips, go camping, or travel (I’m 3000% not above packing it in my checked baggage!). It simply makes your beverage intake a breeze.

Parents: This is such a convenient way of getting fuel inside your children when they are beginning to bonk! 

This is also a great gift for the foodie, health-conscious individual, and/or your loved one who can no longer use the excuse “I forgot to eat.” 😉 Think: birthdays, holidays, and/or just because.

As always, drop a comment below if you have any questions! 

If you purchase a Vejo Starter Kit now, you can get a FREE 8 pack of pods by using the coupon code: TRR8PACK 



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  1. Shirley

    Nice! Looks like a great little blender to travel with! Worth checking out! I shared this with a friend who will be driving across the country next month. Thanks!


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