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Top 10 Recipes From 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, I thought I would share my top 10 recipes from the year! Thank you for being here, and I hope you enjoy these reader favorites!

Top 10 Recipes from 2018 -

It’s been another amazing year here on The Roasted Root! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your presence and thank you from all of my soul fibers for being a part of this experience.

As is a tradition on this site, I am posting my top recipes from the last 365 days, along with my intentions for the coming year.

To be completely honest, 2018 was a difficult year for me — oddly full of loss — and therefore also a year change, growth and self-discovery.

In order to heal, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate from a tough year, my intention for 2019 is to enjoy new meaningful lighthearted experiences.

And to laugh vigorously.

To fall wholeheartedly in love with life again and to welcome, not fear, the huge emotions that go along with doing so.

I’m going for rebirth here, folks.

They say happiness = reality – expectations. I couldn’t agree more. For this reason, I intend to make a conscious effort to take things as they come…enjoy the baby steps, ditch the expectations, and to identify when I’m living through a lens of fantasy versus reality.

So in 2019, I aim to travel to my nomadic heart’s delight, improve my Jiujitsu skills, form enriching deeper connections of all types, play in the mountains, simplify, read more, do more good for others, and speak my truth with unwavering courage.

And what about you, m’dear? What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Food-wise, it’s been another epic year. Our Greatest Hits are some majorly mouth-watering, clean and nutritious eats…I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed these recipes as much as I!

And now, without further adieu, here are my…

Top 10 Recipes From 2018

10.) Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread : Grain-free paleo carrot cake banana bread sweetened almost entirely with bananas. This easy, healthy, unique take on banana bread is prepared easily using your blender, and is sure to please the whole family.

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Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread - a grain-free banana bread recipe that is healthy, naturally sweetened and easy to prepare

9. Keto Coffee Ice Cream : Rich, creamy, low-carb keto coffee ice cream. This sugar-free ice cream recipe is easy to prepare and results in better-than-store-bought ice cream!

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Keto Coffee Ice Cream - a low-carb ice cream recipe that is sugar-free and easy to prepare. Perfect for those who are watching their sugar intake or follow the keto diet. | #keto #lowcarb

8.) My Go-To Crispy Salmon Recipe : Easy oven-baked crispy salmon for a clean, nutritious dinner. This quick and simple recipe only requires about 15 minutes from start to finish!

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Crispy Salmon and Vegetable Stir Fry - an easy and delicious healthy dinner recipe that only takes 30 minutes to prepare

7.) Paleo No-Bake Lemon Bars : Creamy dreamy paleo lemon bars with a walnut crust. These mouth-watering zesty bars are sweetened with pure maple syrup and are packed with the most delicious lemony flavor!

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No-Bake Paleo Lemon Bars made with cashews, pure maple syrup, and a walnut crust. Vegan, grain-free, refined sugar-free

6.) Paleo Carrot Cake Pancakes : Moist and fluffy coconut flour paleo carrot cake pancakes made with coconut flour, coconut milk, and pure maple syrup. These flavor-infused carrot cake pancakes are perfect for a slow weekend breakfast, or double as a healthy snack.

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Paleo Carrot Cake Pancakes - grain-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, and healthy! These paleo pancakes taste like dessert for breakfast 

5.) Good Digestion Celery Juice : Homemade green juice designed for good digestion made with celery, cucumber, orange, and lemon. This powerfully nutritious celery juice is great for restoring digestive balance, preventing sickness, and replenishing electrolytes.

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Happy Digestion Celery Juice - home-juiced celery juice with cucumber, orange and lemon for the ultimate healthy gut elixir. | #greenjuice #detox #vegan

4.) Carrot Cake Overnight Oatmeal : Creamy, nutrient-packed carrot cake oatmeal packed. With hidden health benefits, this oatmeal is the perfect way to start the day.

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Carrot Cake Overnight Oats - a nutrient-packed vegan breakfast recipe perfect for starting the day on the right foot

3.) Red Curry Chicken with Vegetables : Quick and easy red curry with chicken and vegetables – this simple approach to Thai red curry (which happens to be Whole30-approved and Paleo) is a winning meal for any night of the week.

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Easy Red Curry Chicken with Vegetables - this healthy red curry recipe only requires about 45 minutes, and is paleo and whole30 approved

2.) Keto Edible Cookie Dough : Grain-free, sugar-free, low-carb keto edible cookie dough. This vegan edible cookie dough recipe requires only a few ingredients and a few minutes to prepare!..Plus it’s a no-bake treat, so no need to fire up the oven!

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Keto Edible Cookie Dough (Vegan) - Grain-free, sugar-free, low-carb cookie dough makes for the perfect dessert for cookie lovers | @TheRoastedRoot #glutenfree #keto

1.) Vanilla Keto Ice CreamLow-carb keto ice cream recipe with lots of milk options and sweetener options to tailor the recipe to your diet. This easy recipe can be made with or without an ice cream maker.

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Vanilla Keto Ice Cream - low-carb ice cream made with zero carbs and sugar! This insanely creamy ice cream is better than store-bought and you'd never know it's sugar-free.

Thank you so much for another wonderful year! Cheers to 2019 and to many, many more!!



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Friday 4th of January 2019

Ooo I think you definitely need to add your turmeric chicken and root vegetables to this! Easily the most delicious meal I have eaten all year and, come to think of it, the easiest to make :)


Monday 31st of December 2018

Thank you for adding the pleasure of your blogs that reflect your recipes for humor, enthusiastic love of life and great food to last year. I look forward to more in 2019. Live It!


Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Thank you so much, Anita!! I'm grateful you're here :D xo

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.