Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread

Grain-free paleo carrot cake banana bread sweetened almost entirely with bananas. This easy, healthy, unique take on banana bread is prepared easily using your blender, and is sure to please the whole family.

Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread - grain-free, naturally sweetened banana bread with a carrot cake twist! Healthy, easy, delicious!

Sometimes all you need in life is a moist, warm, perfectly textured loaf to really put things back into perspective. You know, bring your mind, body, and soul into divine homeostasis. Quench some cravings. Satisfy your hunger. Feed your need. Whet your whistle.

Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread made with almond flour. This grain-free banana bread recipe is naturally sweetened and perfectly healthy

Enough of the loaf porn, let’s talk details.

This grain-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free carrot cake banana bread recipe is a cinch to make. You simply blend the banana bread base in a blender, fold in the carrot cake elements (carrots, raisins, shredded coconut, you catch my drift), and send it off into the ol’ oven for some baking.

Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread - a grain-free banana bread recipe that is healthy, naturally sweetened and easy to prepare

A riff off my classic Paleo Banana Bread recipe, this loaf combines the comforting element of your much-coveted banana bread with the tasty features of carrot cake. The banana bread is sweetened mostly with bananas, yielding a lower-carb naturally sweet treat perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love warming up a thick slice of this bread with some melted butter and a drizzle of almond butter and/or pure maple syrup. Each bite is super comforting, and the bread itself is very filling, making it ideal for tiding you over between meals.

Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread - naturally sweetened, grain-free, and healthy. This gluten-free banana bread recipe is easily made in your blender

The way I see it, is this carrot cake approach to banana bread can be your new overall approach to banana bread if you are so inclined. It’s a beautiful change-up from the ush and is an absolute crowd pleaser.

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Get your loaf on!

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Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread - naturally sweetened, grain-free, and healthy. This gluten-free banana bread recipe is easily made in your blender

Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread

Course: Breakfast
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Servings: 9 slices
Author: Julia



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and line a 9" x 5" loaf pan with parchment paper.

  2. Add the first 8 ingredients (bananas through sea salt) to a blender and blend until completely smooth.

  3. Fold the remaining four ingredients into the batter (shredded coconut through walnuts) until well-combined

  4. Transfer the batter to the prepared loaf pan and smooth into an even layer. Sprinkle with additional shredded coconut and walnuts if desired. Bake on the center rack of the preheated oven 40 to 50 minutes, until the center has set up and the edges are golden-brown. Turn off the oven and let bread sit in the still-hot oven for an additional 8 to 10 minutes.

  5. Allow bread to cool at least 1 hour before slicing and serving.

Paleo Carrot Cake Banana Bread - a unique spin on banana bread - grain-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, and healthy


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  1. marcie

    This is some serious loaf porn! lol I’m all about carrot cake inspired food right now and this delicious loaf is calling my name. I love the idea of warming it and serving it with almond butter!

  2. Geege

    OMG! This bread is just warm out of the oven. Can you hear the moaning? It’s like eating “real bread” and it is scrumptious! My hubby will devour it with coffee. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Amy

    I followed your recipe to a T (same ingredients, cooked 50 minutes then sat in oven for 10 minutes) but my muffins turned out gummy and almost raw-seeming. What did I do wrong? Did you pack the almond flour? I did not.

  4. Susan

    I have been experimenting with almond flour muffin recipes and have found separating the egg yolks and egg whites and beating the egg whites until soft peaks then folding into the batter results in a lighter texture. Sometimes I add extra egg whites (2-3 whites to one yolk) and find the texture and taste is angel food cake-like. I am going to try the same experiment when I make this recipe.

  5. Bethany

    Is there another substitute for the almond flour? I’m running low and only have about one cup but I do have coconut, tapioca and whole wheat flour!

    1. Julia Post author

      Ooh, I haven’t tested the recipe with any other flour combinations, so I can’t be sure. If it were me, I would use the 1 cup of almond flour + 1/2 cup whole wheat flour OR 1 cup tapioca flour. I really can’t be sure without trying it myself, but that’s where I would start…I hope it works out! xoxox

  6. Margie

    So Delicious! I was just about ready to give up on finding a clean eating/paleo recipe. But this one is so good. Thank you.

  7. Juli

    Made this several times. My husband — who is not GF— calls it cake. 😊. While not at all like traditional banana bread, I’m thankful for this recipe that we ALL can enjoy. Thanks for putting it out here for us. BTW. I find I need to bake it 60 to 65 minutes. All ovens are different.

    1. Julia Post author

      I’m so happy you and your husband like it! Isn’t it funny how it tastes like dessert? Bananas are magical in producing tons of sweetness without the need for a lot of added sugar. Thanks so much for the sweet note and your feedback! xoxo


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