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18 Healthy Ground Beef Recipes

18 Healthy Ground Beef Recipes to keep you feeling satiated and energized throughout the week. These easy recipes can be utilized as meal prep or tossed together any given weeknight.

18 Healthy Ground Beef Recipes - easy, delicious gluten-free dinner ideas with keto, whole30 and paleo options

If you’re anything like me and absolutely love ground beef for 1.) the mouth-watering flavor, 2.) the ease of preparation and 3.) the incredible density of nutrients, you are in the right spot, my friend!

During the week, I often use ground beef as my default protein (I’ll do anything between 90/10 and 80/20 for fat content) and mix it up with vegetables and brown rice. For me, this combination is so satisfying and tasty that I can put it on repeat without getting tired of it.

However, if unlike me you don’t enjoy eating the same thing over and over and over again but do love using ground beef as a source of your protein, here are 18 healthy ground beef recipes to keep you feeling energized. 

Before we jump into the recipes, I want to touch on the nutrient content of ground beef.

Health Benefits of Ground Beef:

Ground beef is exceptionally high in protein, Vitamins and Minerals. The high-quality protein in beef is amazing for repairing muscle and is very easy on the digestive system.

Ground beef is a great source of iron, which is ideal for women who are low in iron or anemic. 

Just 3.5 ounces of ground beef contains 25% of your daily value of Vitamin B3, 37% of your daily value of Vitamin B12, 18% of Vitamin B6, 12% of iron, 32% of zinc, and 24% of selenium. 

Red meat is also rich in creatine and carnosine, which are important for muscle and brain function.

Grass-fed ground beef is far superior to grain-fed ground beef in terms of the quality of the fat content. Grass-fed has a much higher ratio of omega-3 fatty acids where grain-free ground beef is higher in omega-6 (pro-inflammatory) fats.

Omega-3 fats are the ideal source of fat in general, as it is unsaturated fat, imperative for brain and hormone health.

As a side note, the concept that saturated fat causes high cholesterol has long been debunked. In fact, studies show swings in blood sugar (in other words, diets rich in simple carbohydrate) are the cause of high cholesterol.

In addition, high cholesterol isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Ideally, we want HDL cholesterol to be higher than LDL, but higher cholesterol (within reason) has been correlated with longevity (especially in women). Not to mention, we absolutely need cholesterol in order to make hormones. 

Now, let’s get to the recipes!

No matter the time of year and what’s in season, this roundup of healthy beef recipes has you covered! Plenty of variety in flavors and produce, you’ll never wonder what to do with your much coveted ground beef 😉

18 Healthy Ground Beef Recipes:

Easy Stuffed Peppers – Taco-style ground beef Easy Stuffed Peppers are a cheesy delight with the perfect kick. Serve them up with your choice of side dishes for a lovely Mexican-inspired meal.

Easy Stuffed Bell Peppers made with just 10 basic ingredients! A quick and tasty dinner recipe that is filling and delicious.

Instant Pot Paleo Pumpkin Chili  – Bean-less paleo pumpkin chili made easily in the Instant Pot (or on your stove top!) This one-pot meal comes together quickly and is healthy comfort food at its finest!

Instant Pot Paleo Pumpkin Chili - quick, easy, flavorful healthy pumpkin chili perfect for the fall months. | #paleo #primal #instantpot #lowcarb #pressurecooker

Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats – Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats are an easy low-carb dinner recipe, perfect for celebrating your summer bounty of squash! These cheesy delights are easy to prepare any night of the week!

Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats with ground beef and all the delicious taco seasonings. Easy, quick, low-carb, delicious!

Ground Beef Taco Meat Quick and easy ground beef taco meat using homemade taco seasoning. Only one skillet and less than 30 minutes is needed for this mouth-watering taco meat.

Ground Beef Taco Meat - how to make the best taco meat using pantry ingredients

Rigatoni Pasta with Bolognese Sauce – Rigatoni Pasta with Bolognese Sauce is loaded with tangy, sweet, rich hearty flavor and makes for an incredibly satiating meal. This easy to make healthy pasta recipe is gluten-free, packed with protein, and an incredible celebration of carbs.

Rigatoni Pasta Recipe with Bolognese Sauce - an easy pasta recipe that's loaded with flavor! This healthier pasta recipe is made with grain-free noodles but you can use any noodle you like.

30-Minute Vegetable and Ground Beef Skillet – Quick and easy 8-Ingredient Vegetable and Ground Beef Skillet. This nutritious recipe contains a plethora of fresh vegetables and grass-fed ground beef – the perfect meal for those who follow a paleo, keto, low-carb, or low-FODMAP diet.

Quick and Easy Vegetable and Ground Beef Skillet - 8 ingredients and 30 minutes make this nutritious meal a reality. This recipe is paleo, low-carb, low-FODMAP, keto, whole30, and crazy tasty! |

Burger Bowls with Chipotle Sauce How do you like your hamburgers? These burger bowls with chipotle sauce, mixed greens, sauerkraut, pickled beets, carrot, and avocado are a colorful, healthful, clean approach to your classic burger. Be sure to make Crispy Sweet Potato Fries to go with them!

Burger Bowls with Chipotle Sauce, sauerkraut, pickled beets, carrots, mixed greens and avocado - a nutritious approach to hamburgers! These bowls are a healthy dinner option and are easy to make any night of the week!

Nightshade-Free AIP Chili Recipe – Nightshade-Free AIP chili made with ground turkey, pumpkin puree, ginger, vegetables and more. This no-bean chili recipe is low-inflammatory, easy to prepare, and so comforting!

Basil Coconut Ground Beef Skillet with Vegetables and Rice – A very unique an non-traditional combination of Ground Beef, rice, and vegetables with a coconut milk basil sauce. A quick and easy one-pot meal, this skillet is super flavorful, healthful, and filling. An easy dinner or side dish recipe with tons of unique flair.

Basil Coconut Ground Beef Skillet with broccoli, carrots, and bell pepper - an easy on-pot meal that is filling and delicious! |

Stuffed Delicata Squash with Ground Beef – Stuffed Delicata Squash with Ground Beef, cranberries, pecans and green onion is a healthy, filling clean dinner recipe perfect for those looking for a nutritious meal! This easy recipe comes together quickly and is a great option for those following a paleo or whole30 diet.

Stuffed Delicata Squash with Ground Beef, Cranberries and Pecans is a healthy dinner recipe that is paleo, whole30 and nutritious. Plus, it's easy to make!

One-Skillet Ground Beef and Wild Rice – One skillet ground beef and wild rice with onion, garlic, bell pepper and rainbow chard is a quick and easy one-pot meal that results in a lovely well-balanced dinner.

One-Skillet Ground Beef and Wild Rice with onion, garlic, rainbow chard, and bell pepper - an easy, quick well-balanced meal recipe ready in under 1 hour |

Pesto Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms – Mouth-watering pesto burgers topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms are perfect for easy summer eating. Cook them up in a cast iron skillet or on your grill and serve them up on your bun of choice!

Pesto Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms - a delicious, unique hamburger for BBQ season

Stuffed Acorn Squash with Ground Beef, Kale and Brussels Sprouts – Stuffed acorn squash with kale, brussels sprouts, ground beef, and onion. This simple, clean meal keeps weeknight eats fun and interesting.

Stuffed Acorn Squash with Ground Beef, Brussels Sprouts, and Kale - a clean, nutritious dinner recipe that's paleo, low-carb, and whole30 | #glutenfree

30-Minute Teriyaki Beef Skillet – Teriyaki Beef and Vegetable Skillet made in less than 30 minutes! This flavorful, nutritious meal comes together lightning quick and will please even the pickiest eaters. Make it as a meal prep recipe to enjoy throughout the week, or serve to friends and family.

30-Minute Teriyaki Beef Skillet with Vegetables - a skillet, a napkin, a jar of teriyaki sauce and a bowl of chopped green onion

Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – Easy, healthful taco stuffed sweet potatoes are a filling, complete meal. Whip them up any night of the week, or turn it into a meal prep situation!

Taco-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes - an easy, healthy dinner recipe | #glutenfree

Beef and Lentil Chili – Beef and lentil chili is easy to prepare and is so comforting during the fall and winter months. This easy-to-prepare healthy dinner recipe requires just one pot and about 1 hour to make.

Instant Pot Hamburger Helper with Rice Instant Pot Hamburger Helper With Rice – a dairy-free, healthier version of classic Hamburger Helper for an amazingly filling dinner.

Instant Pot Hamburger Helper - Dairy-free hamburger helper with rice made in the pressure cooker. Easy, filling, delicious!



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