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Caramelized Cabbage with Bacon (Keto, Paleo, Whole30)

Caramelized Cabbage with bacon is a flavorful, addicting healthy side dish perfect for serving with just about anything. Caramelizing Cabbage will turn even the biggest Cabbage naysayer into a believer!

This easy cabbage recipe is paleo, keto, whole30, easy to prepare, and a crowd pleaser!

We’ve all had caramelized onions, but have you ever tried caramelized cabbage?

Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you whether or not caramelized cabbage is a thing. I dreamt it up one day while I was thinking about making a cabbage stir fry and caramelized onions were simultaneously on my mind.

I thought it brilliant to slowly cook sliced cabbage until it was softened yet slightly crispy and deeply golden-brown for a crazy flavorful approach to the otherwise bland vegetable.

And it’s so easy to prepare! If you can caramelize an onion (which we will be doing in this recipe, too), then you can caramelize a cabbage!

The way I see it, caramelized cabbage can be used in all sorts of ways – as a straight up vegetable side dish, a condiment, topping for sandwiches, burgers, steak, or chicken. I would even use it in burritos, grilled cheese sandwiches of breakfast sandwiches. Go wild!

Cabbage is neutral in flavor, making it ideal for dishes using big bold flavors like onion, garlic, and bacon. It doesn’t take much to spruce it up and make it extra palatable.

Caramelized Cabbage Recipe with Bacon, onions, and garlic - a healthy, easy side dish

Let’s dig deeper!

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Hey, you! How was your Thanksgiving?

My family kept things traditional and mellow, with a turkey, a couple vegetable side dishes, mashed sweet potatoes, and that Paleo Pumpkin Cheesecake I showed you last week. *Simple* goes a long way in keeping things light and fun in my family!

While the couple months surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year can be disorienting for many of us, I’m doing what I can to stick to my regular eating and exercise regimen this year (last year was a doozy for me!!) even if that does sound like an epic snooze fest.

For me, that means not allowing myself to get carried away with sugary blissful treats (you know how I love my sugar…) and not allowing other people’s re-evaluation of their own habits seep through to mine. I’m still developing dessert recipes, just doing everything in my power to keep the consumption of them at a reasonable level.

And so!

Meals like this Instant Pot Sausage and Cabbage Soup continue to be my main squeeze. I love them so.

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