Roasted Portobello and Chickpea Burritos with Chimichurri Sauce

Roasted portobello and chickpea burritos with chimichurri sauce and cauliflower rice will put your life into cosmic balance.

Roasted Portobello and Chickpea Burritos with Chimichurrri Sauce and Cauliflower Rice

Your daily horoscope:

Aires: No argument about Calvin & Hobbes is petty. Channel your enthusiastic spirit toward defending a legacy rather than working out at the gym.

Taurus: When the past calls, don’t answer; it has nothing new to say. In order words, today is a good day to throw away your Bone Thugs N Harmony CD.

Gemini: You’re having trouble making a decision. Again. If one of your options involves pickles, choose that one. If neither option involves pickles, all bets are off and you had better flip a coin.

Cancer: Thinking about doing something is always more satisfying and less expensive than actually doing it. Stay home and take a bath.

Leo: The lyric is “revved up like a deuce,” not “wrapped up like a douche.” That is a fact.

Virgo: It’s Free Sample Wednesday at the bulk bins in your grocery store. Go get yourself some!

Libra: Shit’s going to be awesome today.

Scorpio: They’re serving mint juleps at Happy Hour today. Go. You go and drink all the juleps.

Sagitarius: Although you will do the world a solid by single-handedly taking down an army of apocalyptical zombies with a samurai today, you will still be a pain in Gemini’s ass.

Capricorn: No, you’re wrong. Stop it.

Aquarius: Mercury is in retrograde. You’re screwed until April. In the meantime, argyle sweaters, whisky, and Willie Nelson will be your saving grace.

Pisces: You will kiss a dolphin today.

Veggie burritos with roasted portobello mushrooms, chickpeas, cauliflower rice, and chimichurri sauce | #vegetarian #recipe

Your horoscope also recommends you make these roasted portobello and chickpea burritos with chimichurri sauce.  There are no words for these warm, cylindrical bundles of joy besides mmmmmmmohmygaaaaaaaawl! They are the answer. To all of your astrological, physiological, psychological, metaphysical questions. Heed the burrito. Are you a meat eater? Not today you aren’t! Just kidding, you can add bacon if you want.

Do you remember me talking to you about cauliflower rice and chimichurri sauce? You will combine these two beauties with roasted portobellos AND roasted chickpeas for a vegetarian afternoon delight. Thereafter, everything will be in cosmic balance.

Make like a baby and head out – to Oh My Veggies, that is. For my Roasted Portabella and Chickpea Burritos with Chimichurri Sauce recipe


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  1. Julie

    But I don’t want to kiss a dolphin. Unless Jerry’s really a dolphin, because I just kissed him. Hmmm…I don’t think so. Also, the Leo one is really my horoscope. Long story on that one. Furthermore, what the heck does “revved up like a deuce” mean? Not much more than “wrapped up like a douche”. My brother and I are still uncertain about this one. Want to know something else funny? Stephie’s a Sagittarius and Alex is a Gemini. Hahahaha Meanwhile, please bring me one of these. Thanks.

    1. Julia Post author

      Hahaha! It’s a good think I didn’t try to make a career in horoscope writing, no? I’m curious to know the Leo story!! When you guys figure out what a deuce is and how it fits into the song, let me know, cause I’ve wondered the same thing ever since I found out the lyric is, indeed, NOT “wrapped up like a douche” haha! Earth shattering day, that was 😉 Steph and Alex are such a beautiful couple and glad their relationship defies the confines of my horoscopes 😉

  2. marquis @realrawkitchen

    This sounds soo yummy. I’ve been craving a good wrap lately so I guess this is destiny. Also, I was planning on attending happy hour today and now that I see that mint juleps are on the menu I guess that’s destiny, as well! 😉

    1. Julia Post author

      I just visualized a big steamy plate of burrito floating on a burrito island in my bath tub, where I can pick it up and eat it at my leisure. Too bad I’m not a cancer though…

  3. Caroline

    first of all- love my libra horoscope! I’m going on a date tonight with my boyfriend for baltimore’s restaurant week and I know it’s going to be some goooood food 🙂 But- the link to the recipe doesn’t work!! I’ve tried multiple times today and I keep getting an error. Is this happening to anyone else?!

  4. JoAnne Lingo

    Deuce as in Deuce coupe which is a car, a 1932 Ford coupe. Now you know, probably more than you wanted to but… you know. 😉

    1. Julia Post author

      haha, I love it! I had no clue what they were talking about with the Deuce thing, and now it all makes sense in context. I feel like the fog has lifted 😉

  5. Taylor @ Food Faith Fitness

    YUM! Me and the hubs discovered chimichurri when we were on our Honeymoon in Mexico and pretty much just died of love. Now, we can’t get enough of this stuff!
    This looks like a great way to get Caleb to maybe try to eat something that doesnt have about 42 lbs of meat in it!


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