Paleo Blender Waffles with Strawberry Compote

Grain-free coconut flour waffles made in a blender. Top these gluten-free waffles with stewed strawberries for a healthy breakfast!

Grain-Free Paleo Waffles with Strawberry Compote | #glutenfree #healthy #breakfast

I’m just going to pull out all the stops right now and punch your eyeballs with the craziest of infos.

These waffles are made in a blender.

BOOM. All you need to know.

But wait, there’s more..

They’re grain-free, gluten-free, full o’ fiber, refined sugar-free, you know…the ush.

PLUS accommodated by ooey gooey sweet and tangy strawberry topping that melts in your mouth.

The End.

Grain-Free Paleo Waffles with Strawberry Compote | #glutenfree #healthy #breakfast

^Never have I ever wanted to curl up and take a nap on a pile of waffles so badly in my life.

Let’s get real.

Any time I make grain-free waffles, pancakes, dutch babies, brownies, and cakes, I prepare the batter in a blender. You see, gluten-free flours aren’t as sensitive to the over-churning/stirring/blending as regular all-purpose flour, so zapping them in a blender is no big deal what-so-ever. So way I see it, I may as well take the lazy lady approach and just get it all mixed in one go. So that’s what I do. Blender treats for the win!

I’ve found coconut flour and tapioca flour make a very nice grain-free waffle. They turn out soft and chewy when cooked just right, and can crisp up if you prefer crispy waffles.

Grain-Free Coconut Flour Blender Waffles | #glutenfree #healthy #breakfast

Since there’s always a bit of free time while the waffles (or pancakes) are cooking, I like to whip up a silly simple fruit compote, which takes all of a nano second to prepare, but turns your breakfast or brunch into one of those swanky B&B experiences that you’ll never forget.

All we need for a fancy feast is some fresh fruit that we can toss in a saucepan and stew to gooey sweet compote-y delight. Only takes 5 to 8 ish minutes. You can make it while you’re waffle iron-ing. Feel free to use any berry!

Grain-Free Coconut Flour Blender Waffles | #glutenfree #healthy #breakfast

So the way this all goes down is zap zap in the blender. A little stewage of the fruit. A little throw-it-on-the-plate with some plain yogurt (or dairy-free something or other of choice). A lot of waffle-to-face action.

Who’s doing what this weekend?  I’ll be hiking my face off, showing you the evidence on the InstaGeepers, and I finally get to meet Sarah from Making Thyme for Health! She and her hubs are visiting for a few days and I’m so thrilled I finally get to meet them. You’ll hear my gleeful shouts from miles away!

And now…waffles!


Grain-Free Paleo Waffles with Strawberry Compote | #glutenfree #healthy #breakfast

Paleo Blender Waffles with Strawberry Compote

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 5 waffles
Author: Julia


Coconut Flour Waffles

Strawberry Compote:


  1. Plug in your waffle iron, heat to medium-high, and spray with cooking spray.
  2. Add all of the ingredients for the waffles to a blender and blend until smooth. Allow batter to sit 5 minutes.
  3. Pour about 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of batter in the center of the hot waffle iron (batter will be very thin). Secure the lid and cook until waffle is golden-brown and cooked through, about 2 to 3 minutes. Repeat for remaining batter.
  4. Prepare the strawberry compote by adding the chopped strawberries to a small saucepan and heating over medium, covered. Bring to a full boil, uncover and add maple syrup. Cook for about 2 to 3 minutes longer, until juices are thick. Remove from heat and set aside until ready to use.
  5. Serve waffles with strawberry compote, butter, or plain yogurt.



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  1. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health

    Okay, so these have to be the prettiest healthy waffles I’ve ever seen. That plus the fact that they’re made in a blender makes them THE best waffles of all time. I must have them, fancy B&B compote and all!

    Monday can’t come soon enough, eeek! xoxo

  2. Abbey

    Do you think these waffles could be made without a waffle iron? I have a waffle silicone mold… could I maybe pop that in the oven to cook?

    1. Julia Post author

      Oh wow, I didn’t even know silicon waffle molds existed – I must get my hands on one! Honestly, I’m not sure if it would work or not…I’d hate to say GO FOR IIIIIIT since coconut flour and tapioca flour make for an expensive experiment. I imagine if you’ve made GF waffles in your mold in the past, it would work, but really, I can’t be sure 😀

  3. Kari Peters

    These look unbelievable! Growing up we always had sourdough waffles on Saturday’s but I haven’t had waffles in years now since I quit eating wheat – many, many thanks for a great recipe (and so many more bonus points that it’s easy and made in the blender!

  4. Genevieve

    Sorry. I made these twice. The first time, i was convinced I’d missed something because they came out rubbery and didn’t even rise. The second time, i used two more tablespoons of coconut flour, added baking powder and baking soda. This helped a bit. They look more like those square pretzels than waffles. Wet ones. Has anyone who is commenting actually made them? My ingredients are Fresh. I have no idea what happened.

    1. Julia Post author

      Hi Genevieve,

      I’m so sorry the waffles didn’t work out! I’ve made them multiple times and although they don’t have the same consistency as regular waffles (since they’re grain-free), they didn’t turn out rubbery. I’ll test the recipe again over the weekend and will circle back to you with any adjustments I have to make. Thanks for the heads up, and have a great weekend!

      1. Genevieve

        Thanks so much! I have a square waffle iron, and i think part of the issue was since they didn’t rise, they only toasted on one side. They were tasty though!

  5. Amy A

    Great recipe! I didn’t have tapioca flour so I substituted with 1/4 c. cornstarch and 1/4 c. more coconut flour – delicious! ????

    Thank you for the gluten-free inspirations! ☺️

    1. Julia Post author

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the waffles, Amy! Thanks for letting us know your substitutions – I imagine there are lots of folks that carry a good supply of cornstarch but not always tapioca flour, so this is very helpful!! Thanks so much for the note! xo 😀

  6. Amy

    The batter smelled so great! It puffed up in my waffle maker just fine but it was super rubbery once it finished in the waffle iron. I know it won’t be the same consistency of regular flour waffles, we have been paleo for a long time and know what to expect with baked goods. Only thing I changed was using arrowroot powder instead of tapioca flour. I’ve subbed this before in other recipes with success. Not trying to be a downer! Just wanted to share my experience. Thank you!

    1. Julia Post author

      Hi Amy,

      Oh no, I’m sorry they didn’t turn out well! I’ve found arrowroot flour does generate a rubbery consistency and doesn’t form the outer crisp the way tapioca flour does. I think if you try them with tapioca, you’ll have a different experience 😉 xoxo


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