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Feta cheese

Mediterranean Breakfast Casserole

Mediterranean Breakfast Casserole with chicken sausage, kale, tomatoes, and feta cheese. This easy egg casserole requires only 5 ingredients, is easy to put together and is BIG on flavor! A low-carb, keto rustic breakfast perfect for sharing with family or meal prepping for the week.

As much as I love our family’s tradition of pancakes, waffles, or crepes for breakfast when we get together for the holidays, I personally believe nothing beats an amazing breakfast casserole, scramble, or frittata.

Load it up with veggies and breakfast protein like sausage, bacon or ham, and I’m happy as a lark!

Starting my day with a hearty protein-packed breakfast is a surefire way of ensuring my energy stays high throughout the day, with no anxious cravings for sweets. 

A fun and frisky flavorful dish, like this Mediterranean Breakfast Casserole, or my Sweet Potato, Sausage and Kale Breakfast Casserole , Spinach Frittata with Zucchini Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Goat Cheese , or Roasted Vegetable Breakfast Scramble are amazing for sharing with family, and are also great meal prep recipes!

In fact, I often prepare this very concept to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner a cinch throughout the week. 

Low-Carb Breakfast Casserole with chicken sausage, feta, tomatoes and kale - a nutritious breakfast recipe

Speaking of meal prep…

This easy breakfast casserole recipe can be prepared the day before and reheated to make your morning food prep simple.

Let’s get to it!

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Lemon Herb Baked Chicken Spinach Salad

A quick, easy and filling spinach salad recipe with baked chicken, radishes, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, carrot and feta. This low-FODMAP salad is a gut-friendly healthy meal.

Lemon Herb Baked Chicken Spinach Salad with pumpkin seeds, radishes, cucumbers, feta, and carrots - an easy healthy Low-FODMAP salad recipe |

If you follow a low-FODMAP diet to manage digestive issues, you know it can be nearly impossible to find certain products such as salad dressing or pasta sauce that don’t contain high-FODMAP ingredients like onions or garlic.

Sure, making everything from scratch is simple once you get the hang of it, but from time to time you want to throw together a meal that is both healthful and easy. Confession: I eat a lot of salad, but I don’t always make my own salad dressings. For those of you who love pasta or enchiladas, I’m sure you can relate when it comes to the sauce.

WELL. This just in!:

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Savory Grain-Free Crepes with Roasted Asparagus, Spinach, and Feta

Paleo crepes made easily in your blender! This quick recipe requires only 5 minutes of prep (no refrigeration time!). Serve them up with roasted and/or sautéed vegetables for a savory crepe experience.

This post is sponsored by Thrive Culinary Algae Oil.

Savory Paleo Crepes with Roasted Asparagus, Spinach, and Feta - grain-free crepes made with almond flour and tapioca flour | #glutenfree #breakfast

The first time I made Grain-Free Crepes, I thought for sure there was no way they could possibly turn out like regular crepes. Lo and behold, they are just as soft, spongy, malleable and delicious as the real deal!

…To the extent that I double dog dare you to serve them to friends and family and see if they can tell the difference!

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Baked Chicken Spinach Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Baked chicken spinach salad with roasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, fresh blueberries, feta cheese, and homemade raspberry vinaigrette – a nutritious lunch or dinner perfect for meal prep! This is the picture perfect example of a lovely recipe materializing by pure accident out of a fridge and pantry cleanout. Typically, my non-food blog food dawdles …

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