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Sheet Pan Meals

Sheet Pan Meals only require one sheet pan to prepare. These complete well-balanced dinner recipes are easy to make and packed with nutrients.

Turmeric Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner with turmeric-seasoned chicken thighs and vegetables is a quick, clean, easy one-pan dinner recipe. Paleo, Keto, Whole30, and delicious! Sheet pan dinner recipes are underrepresented on this site, but I absolutely love making them when I’m feeling something squeaky clean, yet very easy to assemble. Chicken thighs seasoned with ground turmeric, …

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One Pan Meal: Salmon and Vegetables

One Pan Meal of Salmon and Vegetables is a great recipe for batch cooking or meal prepping for a busy workweek or for feeding a big family. This carb-conscious meal is packed with protein and vitamins and is paleo, keto, and whole30 compliant. Turn it into a sheet pan dinner recipe if you don’t have a casserole dish!

Picture this: One large casserole dish + a boat load of veggies + a couple pounds of salmon = Food for the whole family (or whole week).

I mentioned a few months ago I batch cook for myself, typically on Mondays. Cooking once and eating 5 or 6 times is my lazy yet macro-minded approach to food. No fuss, no over-romantization…just clean, easy meals to keep life simple.

Selecting go-to nutrient-dense meals that require very little thought or effort is in my opinion the most efficient way of keeping on a health-conscious food schedule.

I go for a variety of vegetables, some of which are full of starch (for carbohydrate and fiber), leaner cuts of animal like chicken or turkey, OR seafood for an omega-3 infusion. 

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Paleo Banana Sheet Pan Pancakes

Paleo Banana Sheet Pan Pancakes made grain-free using almond flour. This big batch pancakes recipe is prepared in seconds in your blender and feeds your whole family (or guests) in one shot!

If you’re familiar with the Paleo Sheet Pan Pancakes recipe I posted many months ago, I have version 2.0 for you right here, right now!

It involves – wait for it, wait for it – bananas!

Specifically, we add mashed ripe bananas to the pancake batter in order to take a banana bread approach and add extra deliciousness to our morning favorite.

The concept behind sheet pan pancakes is simple: You make a batch of pancake batter and rather than hovering over the stove to cook them individually, you simply pour the batter on a sheet pan and bake it, thus eliminating much of the time that goes into preparing pancakes so you can spend it with your family. Poor pancake flipping skills? No worries, there is no flipping involved in this approach.

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Paleo Sheet Pan Pancakes

This paleo sheet pan pancake turns out so light, fluffy, and buttery in flavor that you’d never be able to guess it’s grain-free and dairy-free.   You’re looking at my latest obsession. First and foremost, if you’ve been around this site, you know pancakes are a mega thing for me. Particularly Almond Flour Pancakes. While …

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Sheet Pan Pesto Salmon and Carrots

Quick and easy sheet pan salmon and carrots with homemade carrot top pesto is a goof-proof healthy weeknight meal. This recipe comes together in just 35 minutes!

Sheet Pan Salmon and Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto - a whole30, paleo, keto diner recipe that requires just 35 minutes to make! |

I had a reader request sheet pan recipes recently and I am so thrilled to help out in this department. One-pot or one-pan meals are my jam, because let’s face it: I love keeping meal time as quick and easy as possible. Of course, that includes the post-meal cleanup.

If you’re a regular here, you have probably surmised salmon is my favorite of all the animal proteins. I eat it multiple times per week every single week with some form of roasted or sauteed vegetables, but of course! You can take a look at my salmon archives to feast your eyes on all the salmon-ness!

Simplifying my own approach to salmon and roasted veggies as much as possible, I thought it would be nice to whip up a super straight-forward meal that requires few ingredients yet still has the appeal of a fancy date night meal.

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Salmon and Root Vegetable Sheet Pan Dinner

A one-pan sheet pan dinner recipe with winter root vegetables and salmon. A quick, adaptable recipe perfect for chilly winter evenings in, and the perfect go-to for paleo or Whole30 meals.   Aside from the snow, one of my favorite parts about winter is the produce. I bet you can guess why…  it’s because root …

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