Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

Vegan Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

There’s a seasonality to just about everything. White pants, fuzzy socks, the stock market, peaches…my tolerance level for Taylor Swift.  We closet our whites post Labor Day. Trade our moccasins for flips.  Sell in May and go away.  Rejoice during the good fruit months….and turn the radio up or down accordingly. You maaaay think that soup is only for winter and that is where I shake my head and say, “nay friend, naaaaay”

Sweet potato soup can be eaten both hot or cold and no matter how you slice it, you’re looking at a creamy, filling, nutritious dish. Half of the country is still a winter wonderland, where the other half skipped winter altogether and went straight to bloomy flowers and chirping birds. A something-for-everyone soup? Yes indeedy.

Where might the recipe for this heartthrob be located? Mosey over to Food Fanatic for Coconut Curry Soup Recipe!


  1. Pamela Joy says:

    I can not find the recipe at Food Fanatic , searching under Sweet potato coconut curry soup. Help!

    • Hi Pamela, I just added the link to my post. You must have seen the post before they had it up on their site :)

  2. Holy cow, girl! Coconut, curry AND sweet potatoes all in the same dish??? Will you let me adopt you? This sounds yummy for my tummy. I’m heading over to check it out now.

    • She keeps trying to adopt my friends. Luckily, since y’all are my friends, I don’t mind too much. Although I do wonder if she’s trying to tell me something here… ;-)

      • I just want to squeeze you both! We all need a vacation together. Somewhere tropical. With cocktails and brownies and surfing lessons from big burly men. Did I just type that? I believe I did, and I’d do it again! :) Love you both and hope you’re enjoying your week so far!

        • Just tell me when and where. Well, not sure about the surfing lessons. I pay too much to straighten my hair, but I’ll watch and then treat you to a cocktail. With the cold, crappy weather we’ve been having, I’m ready.

  3. Loving this!

  4. still basically winter here (sleet today?! lame) but I am not the kind of person that thinks it has to be cold to eat soup. Soup is one of my fav foods and this one sounds soooo good. I have a newfound love of curry and just can’t get enough of it in my life.

  5. Keep the soup recipes coming lady. I’m heading over to check out the recipe now (I make a similar soup and love it!) Beautiful photos as always. I’m drooling over here!

  6. This is totally my kind of soup! I will be bookmarking it ASAP :).

  7. Ohhh this looks amazing. It is dreary and 40s/50s here in SLC, perfect soup weather. Sweet potatoes = my favorite, and curry roasted chickpeas?! Insane!

  8. This looks great! Pinned it! I think I will make it for breakfast!

  9. Gorgeous soup! And I completely agree, soup can be served hot or cold. Choices are a good thing sometimes! #firstworldsoupproblems

  10. What a delicious soup! I can eat soup in almost any season… :-)

  11. I love soup (and curry, of course, I grew up with) – this sounds really really delicious and wholesome and good!

  12. I, unfortunately, live in one of the STILL snow-covered parts of the U.S. so soup still sounds so good! I love a nice creamy soup with a kick to it…this looks wonderful!

  13. Hi! I like the look of this soup and I’m trying to eat more vegetarian meals. I make soup with my mom and we split it to bring to work for lunches. She is allergic to almond milk. Do you think I could substitute rice milk or would the flavor change dramatically?

    I LOVED your Butternut Squash and Chickpea Chili by the way :)


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