Bibimbap with Sweet Potatoes

Bibimbap with Sweet Potatoes is a vegetarian take on a classic Korean dish. 

Bibimbap with Sweet Potatoes

Photo by Rikki Snyder

Bibimbap wapadap aaaa doooowap doobedapbap aaa dooowap bibimbap adoooo hey yeaaa (sung to the tune of Hanson’s MMMBop).


That needed to come out. Better that it get broadcasted on the internet than out loud in real life lest anyone should hear and discover just how big of a lunatic I truly-madly-deeply am.


There’s all sorts of special wrapped up in this post today. First with this crazy sexy cool vegetarian bibimbap, and also with a super rad announcement! First: the bibimbap. If you enjoy ethnic food and/or vegetables, you should get on this lickety split. Done!

Go to Oh My Veggies for my recipe for Sweet Potato Bibimbap.

And now for an exciting announcement!  Kiersten, the creator of Oh My Veggies, wrote an awesome E-Book on How to Monetize Your Food Blog! If you are thinking about starting a food blog or already are a food blogger, you should drop what you’re doing and read Kiersten’s E-Book.

The E-Book gives you information on how to optimize the advertisements on your site, get set up with affiliates, work with brands, and much more. I wish I had this as a resource the very first day I started blogging, as it would have saved me a boat load of time and confusion.

Take a looksy at Kiersten’s E-Book on How to Monetize Your Food Blog!

That’s all folks. Get your eat and your read on!


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  1. Taylor @ Food Faith Fitness

    Ok so, I haven’t had Bibimbap…but if it’s 1/10 as fun to eat as it is to say I am SO in! Checkin’ out zeee recipeeee!
    And I am so pumped about that book! Yay!!!
    Pinning so I can try this bibimbap stuff!

    1. Julia Post author

      Taylor, you will looooove it!!! Stick some pork or beef in it, and you and that hubs of yours will be singing bibimmmmbop all night long 😉

  2. Julie

    Confession: (Stephie, don’t read this) This is the second post I’ve seen recently with this bibimbap in it. This is a true story. I read it as Bipmap. So, I’m thinking it’s some kind of cool interactive food map of some sort. Couldn’t figure it out. I have no idea what this is, nor have I seen it in central Illinois (nor probably won’t anytime soon). I’m not going to lie. I’m a bit disappointed that it isn’t some cool interactive food map. Ok. I’m done, of which I’m sure you are glad. BTW, your blog is the only one I will admit this stuff on. I’m not sure that’s a compliment. 😉

    1. Julie

      Ok. So now I’ve clicked over and discovered that it’s a dish, rather than a type of food. I’m sheeepish. Baaa. I’ll have to ask Mr. I-Lived-in-Korea-for-a-year and see if he’s heard of it. He’s never talked about any food in Korea, other than hating kimchee. This will be an ongoing saga. Your day has been made, I’m sure.

      1. Stephie @ EYHO

        Too late. Already read it. Yes, you saw it on Erin’s site. Bibimbap for days, apparently. I had never heard of it either (and I’m obviously sooo much more cultured than my mother, not), but now I am feeling like the universe must be trying to tell me something…

        1. Julia Post author

          I think the universe is telling you the next big food trend is takeout fakeouts…as in, let’s write a cookbook on takey fakey’s right now because people seem to love the at-home version of General’s chicken. All this talk of takeout is making me crave Panda Express for breakfast. Hmmm…

    2. Julia Post author

      Bahahaha (< - - - on all accounts. Seriously, you make me LOL)!! I'm glad my blog brings out the real raw Julie. No worries on the bibimbap mixup..I seriously had to google the crap out of it before I was entirely sure what it was. Hope Mr. Jer Bear gives this recipe a shot some day, minus the kimchi. Still amazed that he lived in Korea.

      1. Julie

        I asked him if he knew about it. He shook his head no, and said that after finding out about kimchee, he refused to have anything to do with Korean food. That was not his favorite place to be. He loved Okinawa, though. I digress. This is a man that will eat and try anything, so it’s all quite odd. Anyway, I would have to sneak it in on him. And, I don’t think you really want the real me coming out on your blog–or anywhere for that matter. You should meet my momma for a real treat. Maybe someday, you will. 😉

        1. Julia Post author

          If you make bibimbap for him, you could play it off like it’s stir fry. “Oh here, honey, here’s stir fry with a little breakfast in it. We’re having breakfast stir fry for dinner tonight. You’ll LOVE it!” That’s the route I’d take 😉 I don’t blame him on the Korean food thing. I seriously don’t know diddly squat about Korean food other than I like eating other people’s Kimchi (never made it myself), and bibimbap’s the bomb.

          1. Julie

            Hmmm… might have to try this. Korean food is full of garlic. So much so, that when you would be standing in front of a Korean at the commissary, you knew that it was someone from Korea because they smelled of garlic even before you turn around. Like, it comes out of their pores. They say that we smell of spoiled milk because of all of the milk and cheese we eat, which is quite possible. Other cultures are interesting. (Please know that I’m not dissing the Korean culture…just saying that what we eat affects all parts of our health).

    1. Julia Post author

      YES! So glad you got her book. It’s seriously the most helpful resource I’ve had since I started blogging. Love that girl. And thanks for the sweet photo compliment – I wish I could take credit, but Kiersten’s bud, Rikki Snyder snapped all the photos for the post 🙂

  3. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health

    I’m 100% positive that when I say Bibimbap to myself that I’m not saying it right. But it looks tasty! I’ll just call it Mmbop.

    I can imagine Keirsten’s book is full of useful information. That girl has herself a little empire over there!

    1. Julia Post author

      I tend to refer to Bibimbap as “Bibimooombop” I say just let it flow off the tongue however it may come out. Tomato, tomaaato 😉 I’ve read Kiersten’s whole book already and it’s flipping amazing. I luuuvs it!

    1. Julia Post author

      Haha! If it makes you feel any better, I had it in my head all day today. Kinda kicking myself for the Hanson reference.

  4. Joyti

    I was just thinking of doing a vegetarian version of bibimbap, just yesterday! Yours looks perfectly wonderful. There aren’t enough recipes involving sweet potatoes, this one looks great.

    1. Julia Post author

      Thanks, Joyti! Let me know what you end up putting together for your veggie bibimbap! There are so many options and I’m now on a quest to make all the delicious bibimbaps! 😉

  5. Joanne

    I am going to make this while rocking out to Hanson. And then the.boy might renounce our engagement. But WHATEVER. Then I’ll stuff this in his face, and all will be right in the world.

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