Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers

Southwest stuffed bell peppers with black beans, corn, anaheim chili, and enchilada sauce spice up your weeknight meals. Serve this dish with cotija cheese for a winning meal!

Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers - an easy recipe for your weeknight meals! | #vegetarian #healthy #dinner

Every once in a while, I like to bring a little Southwest flair my kitchen for an exhilarating culinary adventure with rice, beans, corn, peppers, and thuh CHEEEEESE. I like to pretend I live in a stucco abode in the Arizona desert with margaritas flowing out of my refrigerator’s water dispenser, Aztec-print everything, all sorts of cacti in and around the perimeter of my bungalo, dessert wildlife perched on my patio and so, so much of the color peach.

Wait, don’t tell me: You d this too when you cook Italian, French, Moroccan, Indian, etc., etc. food, too? There’s nothing like envisioning yourself in the food’s place of origin to really get your authenticity on.

Plus, a girl can fantasize, right?

Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers - an easy recipe for your weeknight meals! | #vegetarian #healthy #dinner

Having grown up in Nevada, my family took many-a-road-trip through the Southwestern U.S. when I was a child. I even went to college in Tuscon, Arizona for a hot minute before transferring back to Nevada. I have always enjoyed poking around the various restaurants and trying out all of the Southwest Mexican-influenced cuisine. To this day, I can’t get enough.  How could you? Rice + Beans + Corn + Salsa = gooooood! Slap a hearty portion of grated cheese on top, and now you’re speaking my love language!

Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers - an easy recipe for your weeknight meals! | #vegetarian #healthy #dinner

For me, preparing certain cuisines is just as fun as eating them, and these stuffed peppers are no exception. The process is so simple, and they fill your house with the sweet and spicy scent of imminent deliciousness.

Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers - an easy recipe for your weeknight meals! | #vegetarian #healthy #dinner

With that said, when I got my hands on the Kitchen IQ Pepper Tool and used it to core all the bell peppers, I was overcome with a sense of satisfaction. It makes stuffing peppers the easiest thing ever, since you just pop out the innards and still have part of the top to help keep the stuffing in.

All I did after coring the peppers was saute up Southwesterly ingredients (black beans, corn, Anaheim pepper, garlic, onion, chili powder) and combine them with leftover cooked rice and store-bought enchilada sauce. The stuffing turns out packed with flavor and takes no time at all to make.

The peppers are then baked in the oven in a batch of enchilada sauce (which you can totes make homemade!). Viola – a fresh and funky meal that can be made any night of the week and yields great leftovers!



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  1. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health

    We spent the night in Flagstaff on our road tri[ from to Cali from Texas and it was gorgeous but that’s as much of Arizona as I’ve seen. I really, really want to hike and camp at Havasupai Falls. It’s on my bucket list! Wanna go with me? 🙂

    That pepper corer thingy looks awesome! I bet it makes these lip-smackin’ peppers a breeze. And the filling with the anaheim pepper and enchilada sauce sounds amazing!

  2. Izzy

    You should totally move back to AZ!! Then we could be neighbors and eat delicious Mexican food all the time! And drink margaritas all day long! That would be the life 🙂 I love that you stuffed these peppers with all kinds of delicious Mexican food! I want to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙂

  3. Joanne

    SO funny…I just made a rice and beans based recipe this weekend! We are definitely on the same cooking page. Want to inhale a few of these.

  4. Liz @ Floating Kitchen

    I want to stuff ALL THE THINGS! Stuff food is so much better than unstuffed food, in my professional food blogging opinion. If you move to AZ, invite me for a visit. I could use some dry air right about now!

  5. Jennie @onesweetmess

    I want all the stuffed peppers! These are by far the most creative stuffed peppers I’ve come across on the web. These will be made and had very, very soon. Also, that pepper tool sounds amazing. Pinned.


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