Apple Walnut Açaí Bowls

Ahhhhh siiiiiiiiighheeeeee yooooooou! That was creepy.

Easy Fruit and Nut Açaí Bowls

Hey-o, I’m back home from Illinois and have stories galore for you!…BUT I’m going to save most of the wordage for a Fireside Chat. Because that is the stories are. Plus, it has been far too long since you and I cozied up with a good tale. And folks: this one’s worth breaking out the cocoa and marshmallows and whiskey and trail mix but mostly whiskey over.

And you’ll just have to stay tuned.

You don’t want to miss it.

You’ll cry if you do.

Slash read it later.

But mostly cry.

Ugh I may as well just tell you right now!

That was a cheap trick – you still totally have to wait.

In the meantime, the quick and clean re-cap is: Stephie and her family are absolute gems, and I had a blast and a half.

All that tease-talk madejya fungry, didn’t it? I could use some sustenance, myself. Let’s speak.

You guys. I have a bowl that blows all bountiful bowls out of the bloomin’ lagoon! Let’s slingshot ourselves into it.

Easy Fruit and Nut Açaí Bowls

Açaí (pronounced ahh-sigh-ee) bowls have been a common menu item at coffee shops and breakfast/brunch restaurants in my area for number of years now.  You may already know all about them, but folks, a little repetition strengthens the human condition < – I just made that up. It literally means nothing.

As I was saying. Açaí berries are superfruit that originate from Brazil. They’re full of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin K, and fiber. If you are unfamiliar with açaí bowls, here’s the skinny: They’re basically a smoothie on steroids.

A super thick açaí smoothie (usually made with frozen açaí puree, frozen berries, and yogurt) is served in a bowl with a combination of fruit, nuts, granola, and/or honey, agave, or maple syrup. These bowls make for a healthful breakfast and are nutritionally well-balanced if you add nuts or nut butter as a protein source.

Easy Fruit and Nut Açaí Bowls

My approach to this açaí bowl was a bit unconventional, because finding açaí puree can be quite the treasure hunt. Whole Foods and select natural food stores carry açaí berry puree, but this doesn’t leave much room for improv…so I improv-ed using the açaí powder that Navitas sent me a few months back. Boom! Açaí puree problem solved.

The powder is simply ground up dehydrated açaí berries. I’ve been blending it with Greek yogurt, frozen banana, and frozen blueberries to make the bowls. I like the powder because it stays fresh in your pantry for months on end, it yields far more bowls than the frozen açaí puree, making it more cost effective.

Oh hey, look at this stack of bowls I photog-ed:

A pretty stack of bowls

I just love it when light ninjas razzle dazzle my photogs. < – I just made that up. It literally means nothing.

Amazeball açaí bowl serving suggestions: add your favorite homemade granola, and/or a selection of whatever fruit and nuts you have on hand! Apples have been bombtastic lately, so I’ve been adding them along with walnuts, pistachios, unsweetened shredded coconut, and a sprinkle o’ cinnamon to my bloomin’ bowl. The fresh berry and sliced banana approach is always a favorite, too.

Lookit these color ninjas:

Easy Fruit and Nut Açaí Bowls

Açaí bowls. Let’s FaceTime them as much as possible.

P.S. I’m guest posting over at Making Thyme for Health today! Pop over there, say hi to Sarah, check out my first installment of What I Ate Wednesday and learn what a typically day in my life looks like!

Easy Fruit and Nut Açaí Bowls

Easy Açaí Bowls

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 bowls
Author: Julia


For the Açaí Smoothie:

  • 1 ripe banana frozen
  • 2 cups frozen blueberries or mixed berries
  • 1-1/2 cups plain full-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tablespoon agave nectar or pure maple syrup
  • 3 tablespoons to 4 açaí powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

For Serving:


  1. Add all ingredients for the "açaí smoothie" to a blender and blend until completely smooth. The consistency should be very thick.
  2. Divide the thick smoothie between two bowls and add desired amount of fruit, nuts, granola, shredded coconut, etc. to the bowls. Drizzle with honey, agave, or pure maple syrup and enjoy like a champ!

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  1. Julie

    Whee!! I’ll be famous. Or infamous. Whatever. That’s some pretty purple in that bowl. I’m guessing Peoria’s local Kroger might not have this puree, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. We loved having you and I can’t wait for the Fireside Chat. 😉

    1. Julia Post author

      Life just isn’t the same without Chicago O’Hare, Freedom Ink, and the Swope house. Don’t be surprised if I show up on your door step one day with all my belongings, haha! Thank you for such a lovely time and give them beagles a squeeze for me…well, gentle squeeze for Steinbeck – I hope the poor little guy is doing better! xo

      1. Julie

        He is doing a little better. He’d do a lot better if he would stop leaping around when he got to feeling a little better. He’s like having a toddler. Plus, he’s a man when it comes to pain. And you are welcome to show up anytime. The room is always available. Or, you can move into Stephie’s ex-lair, since she’s busy elsewhere. 😉

    1. Julia Post author

      Acai berries are definitely lots of fun…they’re nice and tart, but also have a creamy flavor to them. Let me know if you give the bowls a go! xo

  2. Sunny

    Love ahhsigheee!! Beautiful, artful and yummy presentation! I eat the dried berries from the Asian Grocery Store in salads and add them to trail mix. Now I’m going to find the powder! Thanks for an awesome recipe! Can’t wait to try this one!

  3. Susan

    We first learned about açai bowls in Brazil, and have been making them at home for a couple of years now. We solved the problem of finding the pulp by ordering directly from Sambazon. I make my bowls with mango, frozen strawberries, vanilla protein powder and a little ice, and top them with homemade granola. I have a jar of the powder for traveling, but unless you found a huge jar somewhere, the 3-4 tablespoons of the powder that you use would make a big dent in the contents of the only jar size I found. I’m glad that more people are finding out about and trying açai. It is wonderful stuff.

  4. Stephie @ Stephie Cooks

    Bowls! Chats! Ah-sigh-eeeeeeee you, too! (I laughed my butt off at that. Actually I wish I had because I’m not running it off lately because FOOT TAT. Anyway.)

    Smoothies and granola in one breakfast?? This is a THING??? I must have it. Can you make other kinds of smoothie bowls? Must they always be acai bowls? Why am I asking, I’m just gonna DO! You just revolutionized my breakfast game.

  5. Joanne

    whole foods and I have a date with destiny to (a) pick up some acai powder and/or puree and (b) go crazy with fruity toppings for this. It’s gonna be all kinds of awesome!


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