Quinoa, Beet, and Black Bean Burrito Bowls with Caramelized Onions and Cumin-Lime Tahini

Quinoa, beet, and black bean burrito bowls with caramelized onions and cumin-lime tahini | theroastedroot.net #vegan #vegetarian #recipe #paleo #healthy @roastedroot

This burrito bowl has approximately 1 thing in common with an actual burrito, but try to experience what I’m about to chirp in your lobes, okay, cool? <- Encino Man reference. You’re so very welcome.

Have you ever met a burrito bowl you didn’t like? Let’s be honest, they’re dang near impossible to beat. Really, the way I burrito my bowls bears little to no resemblance to authentic Mexican fare, but we can still consider my version to be of the burrito bowl varietal, because: black beans.

I like to jam pack all sorts of fresh veggies in with my goods…and maybe swap out the salsa for sauce…and substitute the rice for quinoa…and leave the whole thing tortilla-less, cheeseless and meatless, because: gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and healthy…yet still call it all Mexican-inspired.

Quinoa, beet, and black bean burrito bowls with caramelized onions and cumin-lime tahini | theroastedroot.net #vegan #vegetarian #recipe #paleo #healthy @roastedroot

We can do all sorts of fresco things to our ‘rito fiesta bowls, and looky here:

This one’s got shredded beets in it, don’t panic.

Along with our shredded freaking beets, we have quinoa, kale, black beans, caramelized onions of all dang things, and hunks of avo. You.people. Deez bowlz are amazebowlz. For realskis.

You hate me.

Caramelized onions, people. You LOVE those!

Quinoa, beet, and black bean burrito bowls with caramelized onions and cumin-lime tahini | theroastedroot.net #vegan #vegetarian #recipe #paleo #healthy @roastedroot

Lately, my bodacious bod has been needing bowls of this type of nutrition caliber because I can’t seem to cease and desist it with the wines and the ice creams.

Do you hate it when I refer to my bod as, “bodacious?” Does it make you want to wheeze the juice with Brendan Fraser? <- Encino Man reference #2, we’ve got this ish.

Quinoa, beet, and black bean burrito bowls with caramelized onions and cumin-lime tahini | theroastedroot.net #vegan #vegetarian #recipe #paleo #healthy @roastedroot

The way I see this going down, you can whip out all the ingredients for this burrito bowl and lunch or dinner on it continuously, or share it with your friends and family. A healthier and inauthentic take on Cinco de Mayo, anyone? Anyone? Hold the cheese? Do you feel punished? Don’t answer that.

I admit, the caramelized onions take foreeeeeevah to get all perfect and squoooshy, but they’re so worth the wait. And the beet situation: you can grate up a large raw beet or cooked beets, depending on the texture you’re going for. Since I made this recipe for Love Beets, I went the cooked route in this particular instance.

Have I told you about the ludicrous cumin-lime tahini dressing that goes on this bowl o’ veg? You’ll just have to taste it to believe it.

Phew! So much information. You look like you could use some sustenance. Hop over to Love Beets for the Quinoa Beet Burrito Bowls recipe! Boom! Fiesta de los dioses.

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  1. Jennie @onesweetmess

    I always resort to the bowl because I can never safely wrap my burrito without blowing out the side of the tortilla. It’s just that I can never decide what I want in my burrito, so I add everything. Love this bowl!

    1. Julia Post author

      YUUUHS the tortilla blowout is the worst! And let’s face it – one tortilla can’t possible hold the amount of food that I can put down #realtalk. xo

  2. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health

    Encino man!! Haha! That brings back so many memories. I love that movie. And these burrito bowls make me want to wheeze all the juice and strut my bodacious bod all over the place. I’m especially obsessed with the sound of the cumin-lime tahini. Ugh, SO good!!

    1. Julia Post author

      YES! I knew you would be a fellow Encino Man lover! I just KNEW it! Two birds of a feather, we are. How’s about we whip up some ‘rito bowls and watch Encino Man over and over and over and….

  3. Liz @ Floating Kitchen

    I don’t hate you at all! You can make as many Encino Man references as you want (although I’m having major flashbacks following my panic attacks at my current old age) and call these bowls whatever you want. I still love you. Shredded beets = my favorite! And well, everything else in here too!

    1. Julia Post author

      So happy you like the bowls and that I can speak in Encino Man jargon to my heart’s delight. Thinking a Pauly Shore-style blog post is in order…

  4. Julia

    Oh how I love bowls..quinoa, rice, hummus/chicken..any kind of bowl you can put a whole lot of yummy goodness in. The beets in this one is such a great idea. I have recently started putting beets in everything I can. I forgot how much I love them!!

    1. Julia Post author

      Cheers to beets! They definitely make a great burrito bowl stuffer! This is probably a great way to get kids to eat their beets, too!

  5. Susan

    Somehow the idea of tahini and Mexican does weird things to my brain. Actually, I think you call it fusion cuisine. The recipe sounds wonderful, and like something I need to try.

    I can tell that we are of waaay different generations – I’m clueless about Encino Man… But you still do great recipes. 🙂

    1. Julia Post author

      Oh Susan, you MUST watch Encino Man! Actually, you’d probably feel like you had just wasted a good hour of your life, because it’s a pretty pointless movie. But when I was a tween, that movie provided some serious entertainment 😉 Hope you enjoy the fusion bowls! xo

  6. Nora (A Clean Bake)

    I have to admit: I strayed from my beloved burrito bowl but after giving in to a Chipotle craving over the weekend, I’m back! Sorry, burrito bowls, please don’t stop loving me as much as I love you.

  7. Katie (The Muffin Myth)

    First of all, high five for the Encino Man references. You are awesome. Secondly, this bowl, yes please. I can’t seem to lay off on the wine either these days (it’s the warmer air! I can’t help it!) so I’m trying to keep my non-liquid meals super nutritious. This bowl gets my vote and I will be making it strax (<– that's Swedish for up next).

    1. Julia Post author

      Perhaps we can sponsor each other in our clean eating/drinking endeavours. Chocolate and wine really are magnetic for me. I’d love to use the “all things in moderation” line here, but really it’s an “all or nothing” thing for me 😉 Let’s share some burrito bowls strax! xoxo

  8. Showhan

    This recipe looks so delicious. I love quinoa beet so much and it is easy to make in a quick time. The pictures are really incredible, I can’t explain to you how they look gorgeous. Can’t wait to try making this awesome recipe.

    1. Julia Post author

      I’m a big quinoa fan too! So happy to hear you like the recipe and thank you so much for your kind words!! xoxo

  9. Joanne

    I actually like my burrito bowls to be as little like burritos as possible, so…BRING IT. Maybe it’s a food blogger thang?! I am SO into this.

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