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Healthy Ice Cream recipes and  popsicle recipes that are dairy-free and refined sugar-free. These delicious frozen desserts are vibrant treats for beating the summer heat or pairing with cake or cobbler during the chilly months of the year. From classic Vanilla Ice Cream to Popsicles made with avocado, we have all sorts of creative chilled desserts here.

2-Ingredient Vegan Orange Creamsicles made dairy-free and naturally sweetened! These amazingly orange-blasted creamy popsicles are absolutely delicious and so easy to make! Enjoy them as a healthy treat during the hot summer months!

Here it is! The easy healthy frozen dessert recipe you’ve been waiting for all summer that requires ZERO effort, no baking, and ALL THE FUN!!

Long story short, these orange creamsicles require a whopping two ingredients…are you ready for it, are you ready for it??

Ingredients for Orange Creamsicles:

Full-Fat Canned Coconut Milk: Keeps the creamsicle ultra creamy without the use of dairy! You can replace the full-fat canned coconut milk with coconut cream. You can get away with using light canned coconut milk for a version that’s lower in fat, but note that the creamsicles will be slightly icy. 

Orange Juice Concentrate: Gives the tangy, sweet orange flavor without adding icy texture to the creamsicle. If you aren’t familiar with orange juice concentrate, you can find it in the freezer section of your grocery store next to all the other concentrate frozen juices.




Can you even believe it?

Ingredients for orange ice pops

If you’re familiar with classic orange creamsicles, you know that there is the orange exterior layer and the creamy interior layer. These do not have that – they are a monolayer approach. However, the good news is the net effect is the same – mega creaminess and zesty orange flavor. 

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Keto chocolate ice cream made with avocados! This dairy-free vegan recipe does not require an ice cream maker. All you need is a blender to prepare this no-churn chocolate ice cream recipe.

This post is sponsored by The California Avocado Comission.

Keto Chocolate Ice Cream - paleo, vegan, dairy-free chocolate ice cream made with avocados. This easy no churn recipe only requires a blender or food processor. |

If you’ve been around The Roasted Root for a few years, you may remember my Dairy-Free Fudgesicles , 4-Ingredient Paleo Avocado Chocolate Mousse. or my Vegan Key Lime Popsicles. What these desserts have in common is they are all made with the same all-start ingredient: Avocados!

While it may seem strange to make a dessert using avocados, I pinky promise you, avocados make an incredibly mouth-watering creamy chilled or frozen treat. In addition to how tasty the result turns out, I love knowing the treat contains healthy fats from the California avocado and is made using cleaner ingredients than store-bought ice cream.

When combined with full-fat coconut milk, cocoa powder, and a liquid sweetener, California avocados make a mean chocolate ice cream!

Keto Chocolate Ice Cream - paleo, vegan, dairy-free chocolate ice cream made with avocados. This easy no churn recipe only requires a blender or food processor. |

Can you taste the avocado in this keto chocolate ice cream? Not in the slightest! Because avocados have such subtle flavor, they are easily masked by bolder flavors like cocoa. You can’t tell this ice cream is dairy-free! It turns out so creamy and custardy with a similar consistency to gelato.

For this particular recipe, we’re going the keto route using a sugar-free liquid sweetener to keep the recipe low-carb. There are plenty of options for sweeteners, so be sure to read the notes below!

Let’s hop to it!

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