Thai Chicken Soup

Thai Chicken Soup |

I’m back on the West side, and I have a bit of a confession. I un-did something disappointing. I went to North Carolina for five days and didn’t eat a lick of Carolina barbecue. Not one biscuit, no sweet tea, not a single hush puppy, not even a smidge of banana pudding. I un-did the entire North Carolina cuisine experience when I was in North Carolina, and I have no good reason for it, other than I forgot.

My good friend, Sandi got married on Saturday, hip hip hooraaaaaaay! We had a wonderful time catching up and between jibber jabbering and wedding preparation, we had little time to spare. Ergo, no Instagram pictures of fried okra. Those’ll have to wait until next trip.

Thai Chicken Soup |

Before I left for NC, I made a batch of Thai Chicken Soup. Until this point, I had relied on Thai restaurants for the soup, thinking there was no way I’d be able to fashion up something half as delicious. It is one of those dishes I sidled around like a kid with gum on her shoe. I gave it the one eyebrow up, turned the other direction, and let it be. Now that I’ve done made the thing, I’ll be doing so time and again.

Remember my phobia of rhubarb I told you about when I posted the Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Cake?  That’s pretty much how I felt about lemongrass before making this soup. Why does it looooook like thaaat?  What do I dooooo with iiiiit? Somebody help meeeee.

At first glance, lemongrass seems strange…like a house with no door.  How do you get into it? Do you break a window and hope there’s no security system or rabid dog inside? Once you peel the outer layers off, take a nice smash at it, and cut it into pieces, lemongrass becomes more familiar, and less like a menacing extraterrestrial. And it makes Thai dishes delicious.

Thai Chicken Soup |

This is a great recipe to change up the normal cold-day chicken noodle soup repertoire. It’s all Thai’d up and full of flavor. Now if I could only get some Carolina barbecue to go with it…



  1. Our problem in this neck-of-the-woods is that we don’t have things like lemongrass. It’s absurd that the grocery stores here are so lame. And this looks so good, too! When you visit Stephie, have her make you her biscuits. You won’t give a care if you ever go back to NC to get a biscuit. By the way, you have to have a strong stomach for the barbecue because it has so much fat in it. There. I said it. I’ll probably get NC barbecue-lovers writing hate comments. I love it–it just doesn’t love me. Discovered that when I was prego with my girl-o. Have a fabulous week, my dear.

    • I feel lucky to have a grocery store nearby with a really decent produce selection, but I haven’t always had that luxury, so I totally get the frustration. One fun fact, is you can buy lemongrass paste (which I’ve done quite a bit over the years), and I believe a lot of grocery stores carry it…it’s in the produce section next to the other pastes (basil paste, garlic paste, cilantro paste, etc.).

      NC barbecue is definitely different than BBQ out here on the West side. I tend to do myself in when it comes to Carolina bbq, cause my belly’s not used to it either…oh the pains we take to consume tasty food….. ;)

      • Oh! I’ll have to check out the paste section. Yeah, our groceries suck. You know it’s bad when one of the best stocked stores is Super Wal Mart. Ugh.

  2. Congrats to Sandi!! How fun!

    Love the soup! I am always game for a little Thai comfort food!

  3. not even any sweet tea? Haha! Welcome home. This soup sounds fantastic!

  4. Now you’re reading my mind! This soup has been on my mind for weeks! Such amazing flavors happening here! Also, loving your curls!!!!!

  5. Lemongrass always used to intimidate me because once, in culinary school, I made a soup with lemongrass and never removed the hard woody parts and got marked down for it. Lol for some reason that scared me away for ages, and it was only in the last few years I started cooking with it again! I agree, it can be a bit intimidating at first, but its such an awesome flavor enhancer.

  6. Ohhhh wow. This is just LOVELY. I’ve never tried lemongrass….totally a house with no doors. I may just be that weirdo that makes this with tofu instead of chicken. I freaking love Thai food!

  7. Thai food is my favorite, and this soup is perfect now that it’s getting colder. Since I like my Thai food a little spicier, what would you recommend I add to give it a little more kick?

  8. Oh Julia, this soup! I’ve been Thai crazy lately and this is definitely calling my name. What a comforting, big bowl of love! Looks deeeelish.

  9. I’m slightly upset you went to the South and didn’t have our food. But, you’re cute and I like you, so all is forgiven. Dinner at my house will fix this :)

  10. Yum yum yum! Any Thai food is pretty much my favorite, especially soups. How do they make them SO flavorful?! Like you, I’d be afraid to try my hand at them. Looks like you did an amazing job, and I love these pictures. And yes to your thoughts on lemongrass, by the way – what a strange little plant!

  11. Ack, no BBQ while you were in North Carolina?! You need to go back. And take me with you. We should take a big container of this yumtastic soup to go with us, too.

  12. This is totally my kind of soup. Love these flavors!


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