Kale Pesto

Kale Pesto

Surpriiiiise! Were you expecting something different? A pancake perhaps? I know, I weaned you into pancakes every sinking Friday for the last 9 weeks, and then I lay the smack down on ye with kale pesto? Before you hang up on me, hear me out.

Kale Pesto

Yes, we are taking a small break from The Pancake Project so that I can bring you this kale pesto recipe to improve your standard of living….and perhaps a little green for St. Paddy’s Day.  The Pancake Project will return next Friday for the very last pancake post (for now).

This kale pesto is a cinch and a half. It takes about three and a half minutes to make and it makes your pasta, sandwiches, fish and chicken screeeeaaaam with flava! And the nutrition oh by golly, the nutrition!! Healthy fats? Ding! Vitamins? Ding! Mouthwatering tastiness? Ding, ding ding!

Kale is full of fiber, Vitamins and folate and walnuts are full of protein and omega fatty acids. And, and aaaaaand did you know basil has anti-cancer properties to it? It is a natural antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory.   Plus, basil helps protect cells while cancer patients are undergoing radiation (Source: The Cancer Fighting Kitchen Cookbook). The earth is full of healing and prevention tools.

Hop over to Food Fanatic for the Kale Pesto Recipe!

Kale Pesto


  1. Oh yes…i was expecting a pancake! But you shall be excused for another week because the pesto looks gorgeous. And bonus points for the extra info on health benefits!

  2. This looks like a kale recipe i would actually try…. i dont really like kale otherwise… ps the lin kd idn’t work for me

  3. I might just be a little slow this morning, but I couldnt find the recipe? I clicked over and it wasn’t on the page you linked (the main page) and a search for kale pesto didnt find anything. Am I missing something? I haven’t had any coffee yet…

  4. Look at you, making healthy green stuff for St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve never made kale pesto & can’t wait to try it!

  5. Michelle H says:

    I am having a hard time finding this recipe! As mentioned before, the link took me to the main page, and a search yielded no results. Help?

    • Hey Michelle, so sorry for the confusion. The kinks are being worked out right now. I promise the recipe will be up either on Food Fanatic or my page momentarily.

      • Annnnd we’re up and running! Sorry about that Michelle, and thanks for your patience. The kale recipe is on my site Food Fanatic now.

  6. I’ve never had kale before and have been wanting to give it a try…this looks like the perfect place to start!

  7. Kale pesto pancakes? Next week. Do it. Just kidding.

    I love pesto… soooo much. And it just seems so festive and perfect for this weekend, and.. gasp.. healthy. I soo want to try this :)

  8. I love making pesto out of other greens. I have never seen one from kale before, but what a wonderful idea. Talk about pesto with healthy properties!!

  9. Great minds think alike! I just made kale pesto the other day and haven’t posted my recipe yet. I am sad the pancake project is coming to an end, but super pumped for all of your delicious recipes to come. Happy weekend lady!

    • Yippyy! Can’t wait to see your recipe! I bet you made all sorts of incredible dishes with it too! You have yourself a wonderful St. Paddy’s Day!

  10. I keep a bottle of (homemade) basil pesto in the fridge. It’s so useful, so great on so many things.
    I really, REALLY like kale, so I’m definitely trying this!

  11. That’s a nice surprise. Kale pesto is a fantastic idea! Hope to get a bunch of lacinato at the local farmer’s market…

  12. I have been using pesto sauce lately instead of red sauce for our homemade pizza and this would be great!

  13. Julia this looks so good! Unfortunately Kale is no where to be found here so all I can do is admire your pesto. Such gorgeous and happy photos:)

  14. GOOOORRRRGEOUS photos girl!! I just love this idea, especially adding it to sammies or pasta, I can see myself eating this all year long.

  15. This sounds and looks absolutely delicious. Beautiful pictures!

  16. I love any kind of kale!!

  17. I love any kind of pesto!!


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