Baked Root Chips with Buttermilk-Parsley Dipping Sauce

Baked root vegetables are the best things that have come out of your oven since sliced bread.

Baked Root Chips with Buttermilk-Parsley Dipping Sauce

This won’t come as a shocker, but I prefer acquiring kitchen appliances over all other things in life. Cars? Purses? Shoes? Foggedaboutit. But a nice whatchamacallit to facilitate my kitchen musings? I’m down. It’s true. I haven’t exactly contributed to luring our economy out of the pits of depression via my wildly outrageous spending habits. I will, however, slice up some veggies and roast them in the bakery oven for the mad peeps.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a mandolin slicer – – – > a De Buyer Kobra Slicer to be exact. With smooth, sleek efficiency, it slices thinly, evenly, sexily. I’ve never seen such a perfectly sliced vegetable. What do you do with a perfectly sliced vegetable, you ask (in your best Sherlock Holmes voice…whatever that sounds like)? You make chips out of them!!

Baked Root Chips with Buttermilk-Parsley Dipping Sauce

I certainly hope you’ve been craving roots because between Monday’s Roasted Beets with Orange-Tahini Dressing and these root chips, you’ve got great bunches of root vegetables flying at your face from all angles!

Have you had yourself a root chip? Do you like things that go snap, crackle, pop? Do you like a good hippity dippity?  Great! These crispy oven-baked root chips with dipping sauce are your jam!

Need a little crispity crunchity in your life? Scamper over to Oh My Veggies for my Baked Root Vegetable Chips with Buttermilk-Parsley Dipping Sauce!


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  1. Julie

    I scsmpered too early, because it’s not up yet, but I’ll check on it later. I’m betting that this is the same method that I use to make my beagle treats. That’s right. I slice up sweet potatoes and bake them and then store them in the refrigerator for treats for my beagle babies. None of those China treats that are going to kill my babies! No sir! Plus, they adore them. They would like them even better if they got dip, but Emmy fights for her girlish figure (having babies does that to you), so no dip for her. Anywho, next time I’ll dip those babies up and give them to hubby dear. Maybe he’ll arooo for them, too!

    1. Julia Post author

      I almost exclusively use my mandolin for veggie chips and should probably branch out, because it truly is a useful device. Let me know if you try the chips!!

    1. Julia Post author

      Oh you will love it, Norma!! Mandolins are great for so many recipes, but I have to admit, I use mine the most for chips! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Julia Post author

      You and me both, sister. Like a rabid banshee! They do make a pretty little snack, don’t they? 🙂

  2. Joanne

    We just got a mandoline…and if I had known I could make BAKED CHIPS with it, I would have broken it out of its packaging a lot sooner!!

  3. Francesca

    All that color! These are beautiful. I, too, am over the moon for kitchen anything rather than girly accoutrement or flowers (ok, no, all girls like flowers). I could spend for-evah in second hand shops for props. I’ve got my eye on this contraption and the spiral cutter I saw on dishing up the dirt. 🙂

  4. Ann

    Baked Root Chips are my favorite! I can’t stand people who clear the shelves to buy things with coupons, but I may *ahem* have cleared the shelves of these chips once. Ok, twice! But in my defense the first time was to load up for a vacation and the second time was for a party and why oh why do they never have more than maybe four bags of these out at a time?! Anyway, they are so easy to make at home if you have a mandolin, and they taste so much better all hot and crispy straight out of the oven. Yes, these are totally my jam and I can’t wait to try this buttermilk-parsley dipping sauce!

  5. Chris @ Shared Appetite

    Haha I’m just like you with buying kitchen stuff. Screw my car that’s falling apart. I need that super cool looking mortar and pestle (to which my wife says “but you already have one of those) …but not one that looks like that!

    The baked root chips look amazing… and now you have me thinking about breaking out my mandolin for all sorts of fun!

  6. Katie @ Produce on Parade

    I totally imagined the delicious Benny Cumber saying that, btw. Made my day. Also, I made tarro root chips once….I learned that they have to be sliced verrrry thin. This was in my sad, pre-mandolin days. I should try it again! 🙂

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