Vanilla Bean & Honey Frozen Yogurt (+ a giveaway!)

Vanilla Bean & Honey Frozen Yogurt

There’s a complicated reason why avoiding frozen yogurt shops is a priority of mine. Hear me. Proper utilization of empty space is a thing for me. Empty or un-used rooms must have a purpose. What about a guest room, you ask? Malarkey! It must double as an office, yoga room, glass blowing studio….Must. Fill. Space. Efficiently.

Writing large enough in a birthday card to fill up the whole blank part is required and gives the appearance of caring. Even if filling up the card means writing as large as a second grader.  The page where the Hallmark writing is also needs a stick figure caricature of the things that define our (our meaning you and me, you being the person receiving the card) relationship. This is optional but is good practice.

Empty bowl? Must fill er up. No matter how large the dern thing is. This is exactly why going out to frozen yogurt is the worst idea on the planet for me. Have you seen the fro yo bowls? They can fit a pound and a half of yogurt, I’d know.  This is why I avoid fancy fro yo shops in spite of their delicious splendor.

Couple my need to fill empty space with chronic indecision and the need to exercise allllll my options and you end up with an over-flowing bowl of 4 yogurt flavors, 8 toppings (none of which go together by any stretch of the imagination), 4 sauces and the most confused and overwhelmed look on my face.

Vanilla Bean & Honey Frozen Yogurt

Those of you who facebook or instagram photos of your fro yo choosings have more will power than The Little Engine That Could…because you look at your yogurt bowl and say, “wow, what a treat!” And I look at your yogurt bowl and say, “there’s about a pound of yogurt missing from that bowl.”

I may have banned myself from the high school hang-out mecca of universe, but that gives me a good reason to make frozen yogurt at home. I have a section on homemade yogurt in my Delicious Probiotic Drinks cookbook, which means lately I tend to have a flavor or two of yogurt on hand.

This three-ingredient frozen yogurt is no more complicated than mixing store-bought or homemade plain whole milk yogurt with honey and the scrapings of a vanilla bean. Pour it in your ice cream maker, et viola! A treat that won’t make you question your sanity.

Vanilla Bean & Honey Frozen Yogurt



Vanilla Bean & Honey Frozen Yogurt

Vanilla Bean & Honey Frozen Yogurt

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Servings: 3 bowls of frozen yogurt
Author: Julia


  • 32 ounces plain whole milk yogurt*
  • 1 vanilla bean scraped
  • 1/3 cup honey + more for serving
  • Walnuts for serving


  1. Add the yogurt and honey to a bowl and stir together until completely combined. If your house is cold and the honey is solid, you can heat the honey slightly on the stove just until it’s pourable.
  2. Carefully slice an incision down the whole length of your vanilla bean. Open the bean and using a dull knife, scrape the small black specs out of the bean and add them to the bowl with the yogurt and honey.
  3. Mix everything well and pour mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the instructions according to your maker.
  4. Serve immediately after frozen yogurt is ready with honey drizzled on top and walnuts.

Recipe Notes

*homemade is fine as long as it’s whole milk
For best results, serve the frozen yogurt immediately after it’s finished in the ice cream maker. Save leftovers in a freezer-safe container, but note that you’ll need to thaw the yogurt out for quite some time before it’s soft enough to serve

Vanilla Bean & Honey Frozen Yogurt


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  1. Kelly @ Hidden Fruits and Veggies

    Luckily, there aren’t many of those fancy yogurt shops near me (there’s one about 30 minutes away… other than that, probably an hour or so) because I just go crazy in there too. My favorite flavors tend to be something like peanutbutter or caramel.

  2. Megan

    Hey Julia! In Thailand now and the family can’t get enough of the coconut ice cream. So coconut frozen yogurt would be my dream flavor right now. Will be making it ourselves when we get back home!

    1. Julia Post author

      Megan! I’ve been thinking about you! Can’t wait to catch up when you all are home. I bet you’re having a wonderful time an I’m jealous of your coconut ice cream experiences 😉 Say hi to the fam for me!! Big HUGS!

  3. Jenny

    Could your yogurt look any more delicious?! OMG!!! I’m a sucker for vanilla anything – and yogurt anything – so I’m pretty much drooling right now. 😉 We don’t have any decent frozen yogurt shops in my area, so I need to get myself an ice cream maker STAT! so I can whip up your recipe. (I make my own yogurt at home which is to die for, so I can only imagine how amazing it will be once combined with all the other ingredients in your recipe!)

  4. Jenny

    Commented on the Savora FB page. Truly love the ice cream scoop… it’s beautiful AND it comes in the perfect blue to match my kitchen! LOVE!!

  5. Jenny E

    Oooh, I want a pretty ice cream scoop! And/or a pretty garlic press! My fav FY combo would probably be Chocolate and Peanut butter. Or Coffee and Chocolate….either one…both…

  6. Karen

    Around here our favorite comes from a local shop, it’s tart and sweet – plain yogurt (I’m sure there is a bit of sugar, but it really tastes like yogurt.)

  7. Bethany Wichman

    My favorite fro-yo is fresh berry–raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries. Yum!!

  8. Julie

    Favorite??Is that like choosing a favorite child? Oh, that’s right. I only have one child. Ok, ok. I’m thinking vanilla. Hmmm…maybe strawberry…hmmm…maybe chocolate. Hmmm…maybe a huge scoop of all of them. Yes, that’s the answer.

    1. Julia Post author

      LOL, you’re such a crack up! Neopolitan frozen yogurt, here we come!! 😉 Thanks for entering, Julie!

  9. stephie @ EYHO

    I kinda have the same problem in fro-yo places. I just feel like the bowl is there, shouldn’t it be full of yogurt?? And then I get to the register and pay $900 and think, “oh yea, that’s why I just prefer old fashioned ice cream places…”

    I can only fill up a cone so far. Thank goodness for my waistline.

    1. Julia Post author

      Yooooou said it. Every time I go to fro yo, I end up paying the same amount it would cost for a half gallon of ice cream. Reeeeeediculous!

  10. Lisa

    I need an ice cream maker! To enjoy this deliciousness.
    And I totally agree about the fro-yo places. But I LOVE vanilla frozen yogurt just like this!


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