9 Reasons Why Maca Powder is Awesome

Have you heard of maca powder? It is a superfood with many health benefits. This post goes into some of the health benefits of maca root as well as ways you can incorporate it into your diet.

9 Reasons Why Maca Powder is Awesome!

Chances are if you’ve tried maca, you’re already obsessed with the stuff.

Easy for adding to smoothies and raw healthy treats, maca is packed with nutrients and health benefits, as well as some natural medicinal properties.

Because maca is such an incredible superfood, I thought I would devote a post to it and share some recipes with you in the future.

Here’s the skinny.

What is Maca?

Maca is a root vegetable related to radishes and is native to Peru. While I’ve never seen a fresh maca root, it is easy to find in powder form.

I’ve been adding maca to my smoothies for a couple of years now. It adds a rich, nutty, and creamy flavor – kind of similar to the flavor vanilla protein powder.

You can get maca powder from many natural food stores, but I buy mine online. I’ve tried numerous brands before settling on Healthworks Maca Powder.

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of maca and discover 9 reasons why it is so awesome!

Health Benefits of Maca:

Aphrodisiac // Hell yeah! Looking to get a little jazzy behind closed doors? Maca it up, sons and sisters! Dubbed Peruvian “ginseng,” maca powder has been used for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac, and has even been used to naturally treat Erectile Dysfunction.

Hormone & Mood Balance // Consuming small amounts (no more than 1 tablespoon) of maca each day can help balance out your hormones. This leveling out of hormones can help ease depression, thereby boosting your mood, energy level, and focus, while lowering your anxiety.

Fertility // The black form of maca has been linked to increasing sperm count in men. The fact that maca helps to regulate hormone levels can increase fertility in women.

Vitamin & Mineral Rich // Full of Vitamins B, C, and E, maca powder is a great source for antioxidants and keeping your immune system healthy. It also contains calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous.

Medicinal Properties // Used to treat osteoporosis, stomach cancer, depression, leukemia, and tuberculosis, maca is used in the naturopathic medical industry worldwide.

Energy Boosting // A popular alternative to coffee, maca is known for elevating your energy level and also increasing your stamina. Put this in your afternoon pick-me-up smoothie and have energy for a jog after work!

Stress Relief // Similar to its mood and energy-boosting characteristics, maca helps you kick back, chill the eff out, and unwind. My personal side note: since going for a little roll in the hay always loosens you up, the aphrodisiac quality to maca also helps in the stress relief department.

Clear Skin // For those with mild acne and/or skin irritation, maca may be a natural remedy. The nutrient quality and hormone balancing characteristics of maca help keep your skin healthy, vibrant, and clear.

Muscle Building // Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of maca powder, both from a sexuality standpoint and from a fitness angle, as it has been linked to aiding in the development of muscle. Just ask your local body builders – they’ll tell you!

9 Reasons Maca Powder is Super Awesome!

Tips For Cooking With Maca:

  1. Leave it raw. Don’t try to cook maca into anything, as once it is heated, it no longer holds the same health benefits.
  2. Don’t over-maca. Because maca effects your hormone levels, it is not advised to go too crazy with it. If you’re new to maca, start by adding a very small amount (1 teaspoon) to your smoothies, then work your way up to about a tablespoon. It is not recommended to consume more than 1 tablespoon of maca powder per day. Additionally, if you add too much maca to a smoothie, it can result in a bit of a chalky texture.
  3. Get creative!  If you enjoy making energy balls or homemade Lara bars, add maca to your recipes for an even healthier treat!

Cautions: If your family has a history of testicular or ovarian cancer, or if you’re breast feeding, consult your doctor before adding maca to your diet.

Stay tuned for recipes using maca! If you’re raring to inject maca into your life, you can purchase it online here.  In the meantime, here are a couple of recipes incorporating maca from around the web:

Energy-Boosting Maca Truffles from Mind Body Green

Almond Butter Maca Madness Smoothie from Blissful Basil

Almond Cacao Cookies with Salted Maca Caramel from This Rawsome Vegan Life

5 Minute Maca Energy Bites from My Whole Food Life



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    1. Julia Post author

      Hey Monet, I’ve actually read that you should consult your doctor before consuming maca if you’re breast feeding because of what it does for you hormonally. My guess is it’s fine in small amounts, but I’d still contact a doctor first 😀

  1. Susan

    I would love to be able to try maca, but your comment that it is the Peruvian equivalent to ginseng knocks it out of contention. Ginseng does the same thing to me as caffeine does: it keeps me from sleeping for at least 24 hours after ingesting it. Too bad. I would like some of the other effects it has.

  2. Isadora @ she likes food

    I’ve never cooked with maca powder before, but I did try taking a maca root supplement a while ago and it definitely gave me more energy and , let’s just say, that it also made me very excited if you know what I mean! My husband was sure happy 🙂 Every recipe that I see with it looks so good though, so I might just need to start using it!

  3. Rose | The Clean Dish

    I have not used any maca powder yet but I’m totally intrigued after reading this!! Especially the part where it balances out your hormones… I could use some of that! 😉 I have bad break outs some time so I’ll definitely try this! Thanks, Julia! Very informative!

  4. Laura

    “Traditionally native Peruvians who have been using Maca for many hundreds and thousands of years don’t eat Raw Maca and they boil or roast maca root before eating it. Usually they mash cooked maca root like potatoes. Many tried Raw Maca and felt that it irritates their stomach causing stomach pain after taking raw maca root for some time. If you do want to try Raw Maca, try to heat it lightly, it will make it easier for your stomach to digest. ”
    So please heat or roast Maca root before eating and your stomach will thank you.

    ” Why Raw Maca Might Be Bad for You?

    Native people of Peru rarely eat raw maca root because it is hard to digest and after using it for some time, stomach pain might appear. The secondary metabolites of the maca root are much more bioavailable for our body in a cooked form of maca root that in its Raw form. Another reason for preferring another form of maca products over raw maca is that maca root has high moisture content, and that fact causes in many cases bacterial contamination, yeast and mold. ”


    1. Nadine Tengco

      “Leave it raw. Don’t try to cook maca into anything, as once it is heated, it no longer holds the same health benefits.” NOT TRUE! Maca is meant to be cooked so it is digested properly. Raw Maca causes gastric pain. The beneficial nutrients are bioavailable to us when maca is cooked! Raw Maca is actually not good for you.

  5. Tracie

    I don’t think advising to eat it raw is good advice. I have stomach pain and digestive upset when I consume raw Maca, plus the above info on how Peruvians always cook it – maybe it’s time to update this posting?

  6. Sue Richbourg

    Hey there 🙂 so does Maca have caffeine ? I try to generally stay away from caffeine and only drink Decaf once a day even though it contains a small amount . This is due to a chronic Neurological Disease ( chronic Migraines ) classified as a Neurological Disease by the WHO … sometimes for me caffeine can be a trigger and sometimes my saving grace 🙂 Thank you for any and all your help .

    1. Julia Post author

      Hi Sue!

      From what I have read, maca is naturally caffeine-free, since it is a root. The cool part about it, is it provides a small boost of energy without having the same effect as caffeine. I hope this helps! xo

  7. Jhoei

    This is amazing and interesting to know. I never knew how healthy Maca powder before until now. I’ll try to make some food with this next time.

  8. Amy

    I am curious on your comment I was going to ask but see others already have mentioned all the info saying maca should always be cooked! It shouldn’t be eaten raw unless it was previously cooked. I don’t see a response on those comments and I’m very curious.

  9. P

    They don’t respond to the comments about maca being cooked because they think they are right. Always trust the indigenous people who consume these amazing roots, not white people writing articles. People who make money off of maca know that having to cook it will discourage a lot of people from buying it so they say to eat it raw.


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