Bulletproof Coffee

How to make boosted bulletproof coffee – all you need is a big cup of strong-brewed coffee, ghee (or grass-fed butter) or coconut oil to make a delightful frothy latte-like coffee that’s easier on your digestive system than a traditional latte.
Bulletproof Coffee - brewed coffee + grassfed butter + coconut oil blended together in a blender makes a frothy latte! | TheRoastedRoot.net #paleo #recipe #healthy #drink

Coffee is such a deeply-rooted ritual in my life that I can’t picture a morning without it.

Fun factoid: I drink my coffee in bulletproof fashion every single morning. For those of you who aren’t familiar with bulletproof coffee, it is a strong brewed cup of coffee blended with ghee (or grass-fed butter) and coconut oil. Yup, you read that correctly: butter in your coffee…because this is how we win at life!

Bulletproof Coffee - brewed coffee + grassfed butter + coconut oil blended together in a blender makes a frothy latte! | TheRoastedRoot.net #paleo #recipe #healthy #drink

Where did this bulletproof coffee thing come from? Mostly the paleo people who, like me, love their coffee creamy and frothy but avoid milk or half & half to keep GI inflammation low. This is also a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant. If you are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy, try ghee (which has no lactose) or coconut oil versus grass-fed butter.

Blending grass-fed butter, ghee, or coconut oil with coffee results in a frothy latte-like treat that tastes creamy while being friendlier to your gut than the milk-infused counterpart. The combination of the fats and caffeine yields a high-octane energy boost that perks you up and keeps you feeling energized longer.

Studies have shown beginning your day with healthy fats helps train your body to use body fat for fuel throughout the day and boosts your metabolism. Grass-fed butter and ghee contain omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E, antioxidants, and butyrate – a short-chain fatty acid that can decrease inflammation. It has also been said that butyrate can increase metabolism, and improve gut health.  In general, you want to be mindful about the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids you consume, as too much omega-6 can result in inflammation and cause health issues in the long-run.

Bulletproof Coffee - brewed coffee + grassfed butter + coconut oil blended together in a blender makes a frothy latte! | TheRoastedRoot.net #paleo #recipe #healthy #drinkAn additional BONUS to this approach, is bulletproof coffee gets things moving in the morning more so than black coffee…so for those of us ladies who need a little something extra to keep things regular, bulletproof coffee is a godsend. Men: proceed with caution.

Butter to coconut oil proportions: let’s chat. You can really do whatever you want in terms of how much cocout oil to use versus ghee/butter. Many people use equal-parts coconut oil and ghee, but I like using about 2 teaspoons of ghee and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for every one large cup (16 to 20 ounces) of coffee. You can definitely do all ghee, or all coconut oil, or even up the ante by adding more if you’d like. Most recipes for bulletproof coffee I’ve seen on the intranet call for 1 tablespoon of each butter and coconut oil, which is too much for me, but if you can dig, you just dive on in!

Let’s talk blendage. I’ve seen YouTube videos for making bulletproof coffee that use a small blender…I don’t recommend this method. You definitely want steam to be able to escape in order to ensure you don’t vacuum seal your hot coffee only to have it explode all over you when you open your hand-held blender.


That said, I use a high-powered blender which works wonders to make the coffee frothy and latte-like. The kind folks at Wolf Gourmet sent me this super sweet blender (shown above), which serves so many more functions than blending your morning brew. The carafe is super large and wide, making it perfect for blending soups, big batches of margaritas, smoothies, etc. The fact that it doesn’t taper at the bottom makes it super easy to get everything out of the blender and to clean it when all’s said and done. Plus, you’ll never believe all the settings this thing has to offer.  Learn more about Wolf’s High Performance Blender by clicking on that there link.

Bulletproof Coffee - brewed coffee + grassfed butter + coconut oil blended together in a blender makes a frothy latte! | TheRoastedRoot.net #paleo #recipe #healthy #drink


Coffee for life!

Bulletproof Coffee - brewed coffee + grassfed butter + coconut oil blended together in a blender makes a frothy latte! | TheRoastedRoot.net #paleo #recipe #healthy #drink

Bulletproof Coffee + Giveaway

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 bulletproof coffee
Author: Julia



  1. Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender.
  2. Cover the blender, leaving the center insert slightly removed so that steam can escape. Start on a low setting then switch to a high setting and blend until coffee is frothy, about 20 seconds.
  3. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

You can use all ghee or all coconut oil, or play with the portions of both


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  1. Dee Fedor

    So wanting a cup this morning. I’M afraid it would drive our rescue dog crazy. She goes nuts for ALL things Coconut!

  2. Heather S

    This blender looks amazing and I happen to be in need of one. Crossing my fingers and toes! Thanks for the chance to win and happy holidays! 🙂

  3. Mindy

    I got burnt out on the bullet proof coffee, but maybe I was just using too much better and oil. I’m going to try it with your measurements, thanks!

  4. Erin @ The Almond Eater

    I remember bullet proof coffee being mainstream (or at least the media was covering it more frequently) a few months ago and I was super intrigued. Not intrigued enough to try it of course, but now this post is making me want to! One question: if I were to try it, would you recommend butter or coconut oil? <<which one tastes better?

  5. Lori Matsui

    I had never heard of this before but it sounds like fun. I have always used a lot of milk in my coffee to help fill myself up in the morning,but this sounds so much better I can’t wait to try it.

  6. Betty

    OMG! Would I ever love to win this blender! It looks awesome, and I don’t have one at this time. Will try the Bulletproof Coffee though and mix it the best I can for now.

  7. Marge Fitzgerald

    I have bullet-proof coffee everyday & give it to my 88 yr old mother in law too. We feel great! But, I’ve broken 2 of those small smoothie type blenders. I need something better.

  8. Heather

    I have been doing this daily for over a month now. Everything stated is right now, helps with energy too due to the regular help, and due to the nutrients mentioned in the article. Please start this morning choice immediately!

  9. Jamie R

    My goodness! I’ve been wanting to try this form of coffee. This recipe seems simple and easy to accomplish too…. And hoping to win the blender contest! I love all things Wolf!

  10. Tami

    I have been wanting to try bulletproof coffee, but don’t have the right kind of blender. I would love winning a Wolf blender! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Paulette Poirier

    Bulletproof coffee sounds great. I would love to try it, but I don’t currently own a blender. Would love to have a Wolf Blender. Looks wonderful. Love the wide bottom!

  12. Dana Leigh Lyons

    I start each day with bulletproof coffee too. I used to use coconut oil and coconut milk…but lately I’ve been using just grass-fed brown butter ghee. Once in a while, I’ll give coffee a break and make bulletproof matcha–which is okay, but there’s just nothing like coffee!

  13. Erin

    I have heard of Bulletproof coffee, but have been to lazy to try it (ironic I know). Besides, my current blender is on the fritz, so I honestly down think I would get the same effect. I would love the chance to attempt this energy infused concoction the right way!

  14. Jennifer Raines

    What is morning with out coffee? Torture I tell you. Coffee makes the morning a better place and coffee with coconut oil – even better!

  15. Sanna

    That blender looks fantastic! We drink bulletproof coffee and it would be great to have a shiny new (non-leaky) blender to make our favorite morning drinks, not to mention almond milk and green smoothies!

  16. Ashley

    I definitely cannot imagine life without coffee in the mornings! I keep meaning to try this bulletproof coffee thing – I need to just do it! And what an awesome giveaway!

  17. Amanda

    Does the coffee ever separate from the two oils? I’ve tried coconut oil in my coffee before, but it just floated on top which was unpleasant

  18. Ryan Levering

    Funny you are writing about Bulletproof Coffee, I’ve been enjoying Bulletproof Coffee for a little over a month now. It’s amazing how creamy butter and coconut oil makes my coffee. I love my Bulletproof Coffee.

  19. Anna Trombetta

    always wondered about this bulletproof coffee thing…heard it’s best when combined with a low-carb diet, so maybe it’d be incentive to stay AWAY from the bread basket (i don’t even like white bread so why am i eating it at restaurants?!) 😛

  20. Holly

    So curious to try this recipe! And the Wolf blender would be amazing. My blender (which wasn’t great to begin with) just died, and I’ve been shopping around, but having a hard time making a decision.

  21. Susan

    Hi Julia,

    I would love to make this and lots of your other tasty recipes in a fabulous new Wolf Blender!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Lynn

    Thank you for the explanation on why this helps rev our motors in the morning! All I could think of was coconut oil is supposed to increase your metabolism (isn’t it?). Anyway, this is delicious!

  23. Jeannie

    I wonder if my immersion blender would work… of course I am sure the Wolf would do a much better job on this yummy coffee treat I have yet to try.

  24. Lindsey Reiker

    Wow, I love coffee and can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. I’ll definitely have to try it out. Thank you for sharing! I just discovered your website and am so excited to try these recipes out 🙂

  25. Cindy

    I need something perfect for blending soups, big batches of margaritas, smoothies, and well of course BulletProof Coffee!

  26. Baylee Muller

    I’ve never heard of bulletproof coffee, but I’m certainly trying it in the morning! And what a gorgeous blender!

  27. Itzi

    I have my coffee with rice milk and a tablespoon of coconut oil and honey (now in winter and for the sore throat), but did not think about butter. It’s happening inntomorrow morming!

    Anyways, just a question. Is there a huge difference on using a blender or not using it at all?

  28. Colleen Herring

    I’ve been following your blog for 1.5 years since I changed my diet significantly for migraines. When I got married 2 months ago I started my husband on your delicious recipes, though he’s been eating them since we were dating 🙂 He’s been asking for a blender for smoothies but I’ve been using a cuisinart instead. He’d love this!

  29. Amy

    I have a habit of visiting my local barista daily for a breve. I’ve been unable to satisfy that fix at home but bulletproof coffee with your measurements may be my answer. I do love my coconut oil, breaking chunks off randomly throughout the day from my freezer stash. My toddler knows it as coconut candy. Hee-hee! The blender would be such a welcome upgrade from my Ninja.

  30. Rhiannon

    This sounds kind of amazing. I’ll have to try it. I have stopped using my french press because I never have milk or cream on hand for coffee (it always spoils so what’s the point?) but I always have butter and coconut oil.

  31. judi benson

    Sounds like the perfect way to start your day. I love my coffee and have always loved butter. So it stands to be a great drink and blending it can only make it more smooth and lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Annette

    I’ve been wanting to try coffee like this, but my blender can’t blend hot liquids. I’d love to win this blender and bullet proof coffee would be one of the first things I’d make.

  33. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health

    “Men: proceed with caution” < LOL, you crack me up!

    I'm not a coffee drinker because I only like it with flavored creamer which is full of crap. But I could get behind this bulletproof version with coconut oil and butter. It sounds so frothy and delish!

  34. Emily

    So I have always been curious about bulletproof coffee- why fiddle with a perfectly delicious cup of coffee?!- but now you have me convinced to try it. I had been wary of the tablespoons of each since I already eat a substantial breakfast, but it is good to know that just a teaspoon or two of each is just as delicious and effective! Thanks for the insight!

  35. Christina M.

    This might sound idiotic, but I’ve been wondering for months what bulletproof coffee is. Now I know and I want to try it!!

  36. Angela

    Always wanted to try bulletproof coffee, and this recipe sounds like the one too try . Thank you all the great information and beautiful pictures. My blender does not blend hot liquid and the wolf blender looks amazing. Not only will I being trying the coffee recipe but soup recipes also.

  37. Nancy

    Just found this site. Can’t wait to try bulletproof coffee. Have a old vita mix that I bought at a garage sale that is on its last leg. Would love to have a new Wolf blender.

  38. Noelle Tirapelli

    I have just started drinking bullet coffee, still experimenting with ratios. A new high end blender will certainly help.

  39. Ellie

    I am team 100% coconut in my bulletproof coffee, but only because I am allergic to dairy! It really does help get me moving faster in he morning than black coffee!

  40. Tina W

    I love the fact that I’m no longer the first one out of the house in the morning so I can use the blender and make this type of coffee!

  41. Marge

    Did you try blending it. If you don’t, you’re right – it will be a cup of hot fat. Blending makes it creamy and frothy, and very delicious. But, if you’re a black coffee fan, I don’t know how you could incorporate the butter & coconut oil.

  42. Heather

    I’d love to give Bulletproof Coffee (in a beautiful new blender no less!) a try as so many of my clients talk/ask about it… see what all the delicious fuss is about! Thank you.


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