Mint Mojito Smoothie

Mint Mojito Smoothie is bangarang. 

Mint Mojito Smoothie

Three days deep into daylight savings, folks! Have you broken out your sarong, Ray Bans, patio furniture, and margarita glasses? One extra hour of daylight and already I’m fantasizing about laying on the beach with my snorkel mask on and cocktail in-hand. Except by “laying,” I mean “riding,” by “beach,” I mean “mountain bike,” by “snorkel mask,” I mean “helmet,” and by “cocktail,” I mean “water bottle.” So essentially, I’m ready for summer, I dunno about you’uns.

If you have a strong relationship with your blender, there’s a high chance you’ve dabbled into the cocktail fusion smoothie. Fresh herbs, zesty, creamy island flavors all up in your smoothie stash? Sonofabeehive, let’s blend a mocktail smoothie! It’s a cocktail that’s not a cocktail because it’s alcohol-less (virgin)…and it comes in the form of a smoothie (breakfast). The smoothie that’s undergoing an identity crisis (seeking therapy). The cocktail that has made it through both the 12-step program AND all the Weight Watchers meetings (what a champ). Okay, I’m done.

Anyhoo, while I was developing smoothie recipes for my cookbook, Delicious Probiotic Drinks, I had a grand ol’ time experimenting with everything from mocktail smoothies to the Chocolate Beetroot Smoothie to the Superfood Green Smoothie, from the window to the wall…

And because I’m OBSESSED with coconut milk in all its creamy coconut-y splendor, one of the recipes I included in my book is this exact Mint Mojito Smoothie. The lime, the coconut, the banana, mint…It’ll hang with you on the beach (it’s lazy)…or in your water bottle (it’s versatile). If you want, you can put alcohol in it (encouraged).

The folks over at Food Fanatic are sharing my Mint Mojito Smoothie recipe today AND they’re giving away three copies of my cookbook. Slingshot yourself right on over there, get yourself some smoothie, and enter the giveaway so you can make all sorts of naturally fermented probiotic drinks!


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  1. Sharon

    This looks like exactly what I need to transport myself from snowyville to sunnytown! Our winter is drag-ging on and on so maybe a springy mocktail will lift our mood. Looks and sounds delightful! 🙂

    1. Julia Post author

      Heck yes! When in doubt of mother nature, add a little tropical island paradise to your glass! 😉 It’s been nice and sunny here but super chilly, so I’m thinking we need to make a quadruple batch just to be safe 🙂

    1. Julia Post author

      Me too, Dixya! It’s still to cold here to do much balcony sitting yet…but one can dream…and have patience 😉

    1. Julia Post author

      THE FLUME! JUNE! Before all the tourons (no offence…I consider you and your hubs to be locals, anyway) get into town!!

  2. Julie

    My friend, Betsey, was so excited to get a copy of your book. I’m trying to bribe her not to move away (it’s not working). She already makes kefir water, and wants to try the ginger beer. She was heading home to make all sorts of things from the book. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes for her. Meanwhile, if I make this, does the snow go away, too? I didn’t think so.

    1. Julia Post author

      So happy Betsey’s into probiotic drinks! Give her my email address – she can contact me any time with questions! Ginger beer’s a bombshell..she’ll LOVE it!

      The smoothie…the snow…the smoothie…the way I see it, closing the blinds, curling up in a down blanket and drinking the smoothie whilst listening to Copacabana will alleviate some of the endless winter blues. Hope you guys get a break from winter soon!!!

  3. Cate @ Chez CateyLou

    I am sooo ready for summer! I think I need to make this smoothie in the meantime to channel warm weather – it looks so delicious and refreshing! Congrats on the cookbook – so exciting!!

  4. Joanne

    Would it be weird if I stuffed this with alcohol and used it to pregame while watching the.boy run his half marathon this weekend? I truly hope not.

  5. Josie

    Totally in love with this! If I can’t be on the beach drinking a mojito, I suppose this will be the next best thing 🙂

  6. Kate

    YES. Perfect for summer!

    And I know what you mean — hiking and biking to work are what I’m looking forward to doing this summer. And, you know, coming home and drinking a hard cider on the porch.

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