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Green Curry with Fish

Fish green curry with zucchini, green beans, and broccoli is a super quick and delicious curry in a hurry recipe! This easy recipe can be made nightshade-free and keto.

I spent the first three weeks of September in Whitefish, Montana, which is what inspired this recipe. I was perusing one of the local grocery stores and noticed a sizeable whitefish fillet in the seafood section, which had been freshly caught the day before in Whitefish Lake. 

Being the fish obsessed human I am, I immediately knew I wanted to make curry with it. So curry it up, I did!

Here’s what you need to know about this recipe:

Recipe Highlights:

  • This fish green curry requires right around 30 minutes to make, including chopping the vegetables and fish!
  • Grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, DELICIOUS
  • Can easily be turned into yellow or red curry (see Recipe Adaptations below)
  • Packed with all your essential nutrients – healthy fat from the coconut milk, lean protein from the white fish, vitamins and minerals from the veggies, and easily digestible carbs from the white rice (or make it low-carb by using cauliflower rice).
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Orange Ginger Baked Halibut with Blueberry Avocado Salsa

Orange Ginger Baked Halibut with Blueberry Avocado Salsa is a fresh, flavorful healthy dinner recipe! Serve it up with your favorite side dishes for an otherworldly meal.

As you’re well aware, I’m completely obsessed with salmon to the extent that I often have to convince myself to eat other forms of protein.

Not anymore, friends…this halibut recipe has stolen my heart and sent my taste buds singing to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Move over, salmon, there’s a new fish in town!

And since we’re on the topic, nothing makes me feel sexier than a well-composed seafood recipe. It does a badass individual make! And..

Ooh la laaaaa this is SEXY!

Let’s chat.

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