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Grilled Tequila-Marinated Chicken Wraps

Southwest Grilled Tequila-Marinated Chicken wraps are perfect for your summertime backyard barbecues. This post is sponsored by Pacific Foods. If I were to summarize my idea of the quintessential summer barbecue with friends, it would look a lot like this… Okay, it would look exactly like this. Yeah, it would be this. Warm weather, great …

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Roasted Root Salad with Balsamic-Date Vinaigrette

Put your pagers on vibrate and hold onto your satchels, because you’re about to go alllll afternoon delight. Over a salad. A salad of roots and skyrockets in flight. Roasted root vegetables all thyme-ed up on the spinach boat with hunks of feta and balsamic-date vinaigrette. It’s something to talk about, Bonnie Raitt. True Story. …

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Cajun Seasoned Roasted Vegetables

Cajun-seasoned roasted vegetables are a nice change-up from the classic dish and makes for a delightful healthy side dish. Born on the bayou? Yeah, me neither. You may have the same alligator chasing air boat day dreams as I, wherein there’s an old rickety cabin with a weathered white beard overall clad cigar smoking banjo …

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