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23 Keto Mexican Food Recipes

23 Keto Mexican Food Recipes that are hearty, filling, and low-carb. This post includes Low-carb Mexican main entrees for a delicious and nutritious spread.

23 Keto Mexican Recipes

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner (tomorrow), I figured I would share some of my favorite recipes for keto Mexican food from around the web in case you are looking for some low-carb inspiration.

While some keto recipes can be overly filled with dairy, I selected recipes that are either dairy-free or low in dairy to ensure you’re pleasing your palate but still feel like you’re taking in a health-conscious meal.

I hope you enjoy these keto Mexican recipes! If you make any of them, be sure to report back and tell me what you made!

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Keto Cinnamon & “Sugar” Donut Holes

Keto-friendly donut holes are a carb-conscious version of a fast food classic! Grain-free and dairy-free, these tasty donut holes are ideal for those with dietary restrictions looking to enjoy a sweet treat!

This post is sponsored by Truvia® Natural Sweetener.

Keto Donut Holes made with almond flour - a low-carb donut recipe | #glutenfree #dairyfree

If you’re anything like me, you periodically find yourself smack dab in the middle of a donut hole craving. Instead of succumbing to the drive-thru, I make these to satisfy my fast food fix without sacrificing any of my wellness goals.

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65 Keto Recipes for Breakfast and Dinner

Are you turning over some leaves this year? Thinking of dabbling into the ketogenic diet? Here are over 65 keto recipes for breakfast and dinner from around the web that are easy, clean, and healthful! More and more, I have discussions with friends and family about health and nutrition goals. So many of the folks around …

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Paleo & Keto Holiday Dessert Recipes

45 paleo and keto holiday dessert recipes to keep your holidays mindful and lower in sugar. You can still enjoy tasty treats during the holiday season with these healthier options. Well, hello there, sugar! Are you enjoying baking season so far? I have to admit, I’ve been dialing back the baking recently since I don’t …

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40 of THE BEST Spaghetti Squash Recipes

40 of THE BEST spaghetti squash recipes the internet has to offer, rounded up in one spot! These healthful, nutritious meals are either paleo, keto, vegan, or vegetarian, can be made any night of the week, and will be sure to nourish your belly all fall and winter long! So here we are, eyeballs deep …

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Vanilla Keto Ice Cream

Low-carb keto ice cream recipe with lots of milk options and sweetener options to tailor the recipe to your diet. This easy recipe can be made with or without an ice cream maker.

Vanilla Keto Ice Cream - low-carb ice cream made with zero carbs and sugar! This insanely creamy ice cream is better than store-bought and you'd never know it's sugar-free.

You guys, I made keto ice cream!

Full disclosure before we proceed: I do not follow a ketogenic diet. I do eat low-carb for health reasons, but I’m not diligent enough about my macros to be keto. I have lived in and out of ketosis for a number of years and find it keeps me lean, balances my hormones, and boosts my energy like crazy; however, for me, keto isn’t a sustainable lifestyle simply because I like to having more freedom with my carb intake. In essence, if I find my way into ketosis by virtue of the fact that I eat a very low-carb diet, cool…but it isn’t something I strive for.

What is sustainable for me? Ice cream that won’t spike my blood sugar. That, I could eat

Let’s back up a tick. If you aren’t familiar with keto and you want to know more, read my post on What is Keto and is it Right for You?.

If you’re like me and you can destroy a pint of Halo Top in a nano second, this recipe for vanilla keto ice cream was created in your name. Throughout the post, you’ll get a sense for how to make low-carb ice cream using ingredients that fit whatever lifestyle you follow.

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