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Hummus-Marinated Chicken Satay

Tender grilled chicken satay marinated in hummus, coconut milk, and yellow curry powder – an easy and delicious appetizer to celebrate National Hummus Day. Happy National Hummus Day! Did you realize today is the day we come together to celebrate our common interest in the chickpea sauce? One mouthful at a time? Didjya? Let’s eat. …

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Mediterranean Hummus with Pesto and Feta

Classic hummus topped with pesto sauce, Kalamata olives, red onion, and feta cheese makes for the perfect appetizer or unofficial meal. You know you’ve just had a great weekend when it rolls into your Monday like the most pleasant fog in the harbor. The kind of fog you want to embrace, take photos of and post …

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Grilled Chicken Salad with Hummus-Salsa Dressing

It’s National Hummus Day, people, let’s celebrate! I feel like we need to blow this thing out of the water. And not just in a dip-a-pita-or-baby-carrot-in-the-hummus sort of way, but a hummus on all the things sort of extravaganza. Hummus in our breakfast burritos. Hummus on our lunch sammies. Hummus marinated grilled chicken salads with humus-salsa dressing for dinner. And …

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