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Avocado oil

The BEST Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

The best gluten-free chocolate cake recipe with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. This death by chocolate cake is incredibly moist, rich, and decadent! Perfect for celebrating a special event or life in general. 😉   If I may be so bold… This gluten-free chocolate cake happens to be the best gluten-free chocolate cake I’ve eaten.  …

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Paleo Chipotle Aioli

Creamy spicy paleo chipotle aioli is quick and easy to make! Use it as a condiment, spread, or sauce for so many of your favorite dishes.

Who here is ALL about a great condiment?

Even the most humble meals can be drastically improved by a basic, fresh and funky homemade sauce or spread. 

Enter: chipotle aioli.

Elixir of the Gods.

It’s thick, creamy, zesty, tangy, with a nice little kick. It can go anywhere a mayonnaise can go, and let’s face it: if homemade aioli could sprout legs, it would run circles around mayo IMHO.

Let’s have words.

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