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36 Clean and Sexy Dinner Recipes

Sexy dinner recipes for Valentine’s Day that are clean, simple, and easy to prepare! These sultry aphrodisiac recipes are perfect for sharing with your partner.

Do you enjoy cooking for your special someone? For me, preparing a meal to nourish someone you care about can be one of the most heartfelt actions. Not to mention, depending on the meal and vibe, it can create unparalleled intimacy!

I have spoken about aphrodisiac foods on this site numerous times. Not only can food be medicine, but it also dramatically affects the way your body feels, from energy level to mood to libido. 

For this reason, I thought I would share some sexy dinner recipes for Valentine’s Day to inspire your sultry dinner with your companion. 

What Foods Are Aphrodisiacs?

The following foods are known to stimulate your desire to get your groove on:

Meat, asparagus, shellfish and seafood (particularly oysters), chocolate, nuts, red wine, chilies, strawberries, figs, ginger, and avocado. 

While beets aren’t mentioned in a google search, I am 3000% convinced beets are the ultimate aphrodisiac. Just food for thought.

Remember, certain herbs and roots have a powerful aphrodisiac effect as well! Consider saffron, maca, ginseng, fenugreek, and more.

What Makes a Food an Aphrodisiac?

Foods that stimulate blood flow (this includes blood flow to your loins), increase your energy, and boost your mood are considered to increase sexual desire. 

Not to mention, many of these foods have ancillary health benefits – they are natural anti-inflammatories and antidepressants.

In pursuit of making your Valentine’s Day special, I have included some of my favorite sexy recipes from around the web in this post. 

But no need to stop at dinner…If you’re looking for aphrodisiac dessert ideas, be sure to check out my some of my favorite

Healthy and Sexy Dessert Recipes:

And without further adieu, here are…

36 Clean and Sexy Dinner Recipes:

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