Stocking Stuffers: Fekkai Hair Care

I have naturally curly hair which becomes unruly and frizzy when I do not use hair care product. For this reason, Fekkai’s Curl Care line has captured my attention. In the past, I have changed hair products frequently and am looking for one I can stick with.  When I was asked to do a sponsored post for Fekkai, I was thrilled at the opportunity and am looking forward to trying their products.

Fekkai has hair care products for all hair types, which makes shopping for friends and family a cinch. They are now running great holiday deals and their attractive bottles would make excellent stocking stuffers!

If you order Fekkai’s products through this site, you can receive 10% off on your order. and receive a free headband!






Renowned style-maker Frédéric Fekkai is one of the most celebrated names in beauty and hairstyling.  The Frédéric Fekkai hair care collection –– was originally introduced in 1995 and was developed to meet the particular needs of different hair types.  The hair care line is divided into regimen “families”, including: Advanced Care, Color Care, Curl Care Glossing, Repair, Styling and Styling Tools. Shop now to get free shipping and free samples! Orders $50 or over get 10% off and a headband!


I am willing to bet their Luscious Curls line is just what I need to tame my friz head.

I also enjoy changing up my hairstyle periodically by straightening my hair, so I am also intrigued by the Silky Striaght Ironless collection.

Before his products are marketed to the public, Frédéric and his staff personally test every formula in his world-renowned Frédéric Fekkai Salon to ensure the highest quality and performance. This quality assurance is one of the reasons the Fekkai line appeals to me.

I like that Fekkai offers multiple products in each line that work together for great results but can also be used as stand-alone products. The website offers a feature that allows you to submit information about your hair, what your goal is with your hair, what you like about your hair, etc in order to match you with the best Fekkai product for you. This is an excellent service for someone like me who likes to do research before buying a product.

Check out the Fekkai website and take advantage of their great holiday deals!


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