Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas

Curry Lamb Tostadas

Who’m I kidding, I had no idea what to name this beast. I was going to make gyros à la lamb curry. Which turned into lamb pitas for SEO purposes. Which turned into me unable to find pita bread at my local grocery (I demand to know who stocks the shelves? Whooooooooooooooooooooo?) which led me straight to naan. Do you hear the banjo music playing in the background? No, you don’t…because that would be nonsensical.

In any caaaaaaaaaaaase, naan does not fold in awesome taco shape the way pita bread does. Not by any stretch of the imagination. In point of fact, it breaks when folded – but we still love you, naan, you little flat bread you!

Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas

So crock you up some lamb. The lay down your naan. You stack the fruits of your labor atop and then you diiiiie all over your Curry Lamb Naan Tostada while watching The Voice. And you think to yourself, Adam Levine reaaaally looks like he could use a lamby tostada right about now. And as you relish every bite of the best meal you ever did eat, your heart melts at the sound of Blake Shelton’s voice.

We’ve hung with the lamb curry (or curry lamb…is there a difference, who knows?) a couple of times here on The Roasted Root and I’m pleased to admit, I have figured out the most cheater cheater pumpkin eater easiest lamb curry  recipe ever. This is even easier than my Easy Lamb Curry recipe. Oh how I bamboozled you. This supercalifragilistic easy curry lamb evolved from me being too lazy to sauté or chop ANYTHING, so the recipe is three ingredients tall.

Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas

How. does. that. even. happen? Well it starts with you skipping a workout and then skipping three and then five workouts and all of a sudden, laziness has seeped into every facet of your shameless being. That’s how you get faaaaaaaaaaabulous curry out of three ingredients (four if you count salt). Too much talk, not enough lamb-a-rama-lamb-a-ding-dong. Does anyone actually read this stuff?? I hope not…

And then there were Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas.

Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas

Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cook Time: 8 hours
Total Time: 8 hours 2 minutes
Author: Julia


For the Curry Lamb

  • 1.5 pounds lamb stew meat or two lamb leg steaks
  • 1 full-fat canned coconut milk* full fat recommended
  • 2 tablespoons yellow curry powder
  • Salt to taste

For the Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas

  • 1 pieces package prepared naan 2
  • ½ cup uncooked brown rice couscous or brown rice
  • Red onion chopped
  • leaves Mint chopped
  • Plain Greek Yogurt


  1. Pour the coconut milk and curry powder into your crock pot and mix it around so that the curry powder gets incorporated into the coconut milk.
  2. Add the lamb meat and spoon coconut milk on top so that the meat is as covered in liquid as possible (it’s fine if it’s not fully covered).
  3. Set the crockpot on its lowest setting and allow it to cook 7 to 8 hours.
  4. Follow the instructions on your brown rice couscous package (usually a 1:2 ratio of couscous to water; bring water to a boil then lower the temp and cook for 10 to 12 minutes).
  5. When you’re ready for dinner, plunk a large piece of naan on your plate. Layer the brown rice couscous on top and then the lamb curry. Don’t let those delicious juices left in the crock pot go to waste – spoon the sauce from the crock pot on top!
  6. Serve with desired amount of Greek yogurt, red onion and mint on top!

Interested in making homemade naan? Check out eCurry for a Naan recipe!

Curry Lamb Naan Tostadas


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    1. Julia Post author

      Me too! I’ve never made it homemade but have been dying to try making it myself. I always love the naan at my favorite Indian restaurant and would love to try to recreate it. Thanks, Hannah!

    1. Julia Post author

      It’s definitely a man-friendly meal. Lamb may not be the best meat for introducing you to curry (unless of course you love lamb already), but this recipe works wonderfully with chicken too!! Have a great weekend!

  1. MC@ThousandStoryKitchen

    Lamb has never seemed easy in my mind, so I’m super excited to have seen (and, of course, yes I did- read!) your post. I’m SO going to try this soon. I love the idea of naan, and there’s a greek pita that I LOVE, but can never find near me that folds, but is soft and chewy like naan….shoot- can’t think of the brand name, either. Thanks for stopping by TSK!

  2. Stephie @ EYHO

    I totally read this stuff. If curry lamb naan happenings are how we are going to coax Adam and Blake into our lives, count me in on this plan. I’ll bake a pie, just to keep ’em hanging around after you’ve reeled ’em in.

  3. Chris @ Shared Appetite

    Wow this looks so good! I actually just had something similar at April Bloomfield’s new restaurant in NYC called Salvation Taco. She does a “taco” with lamb on mini housemade naan. I’m excited to try this! It looks easy and delicious!

    And The Voice is freaking awesome. My wife and I look forward to it every week. We thought that it was going to be worse with the new coaches, but it’s even better. They are so funny!

  4. Lisa

    The lamb looks so tender and this sounds so easy, but I don’t have a slow cooker. 🙁 Would it turn out the same in a saucepan for less time?

    1. Julia Post author

      Great question, Lisa. You could definitely make this recipe in a saucepan or skillet. The only thing I would be concerned about is your meat may not turn out to be shreddable if you don’t slow cook it, but it would still be delicious and full of flavor. I bet if you browned the meat first then let it slow cook in a Dutch oven (probably best to place the Dutch oven in your oven around 250 degrees or so), you could probably get the same results. I’m unsure the exact temperature or length of time you would shoot for but my guess is this would turn out great! Let me know if you have any more questions!

      1. Lisa

        Thanks for the tips! I have a Dutch oven but haven’t used it too much so I’m not an expert with it. But I will definitely try this out and let you know how it goes. 🙂

  5. Monet

    Whatever you call it… I know I want to eat it! This looks so very good! I love naan bread (there is one Indian restaurant that makes it fresh during lunch…I can’t stop eating it!) and the lamb looks so tender. Thank you for sharing!


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