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Creamy Carrot Soup (paleo, vegan)

This easy Creamy Carrot Soup with ginger and coconut milk requires only a handful of basic ingredients and not much time to prepare. Healthful, flavorful, vegan, and paleo, this is a something-for-everyone comfort food!

During the fall and winter when it gets dark early and the weather is chilly, I love curling up to bottomless bowls of soup.

Creamy vegetable soups are some of my favorites! Sweet Potato Soup always gets the limelight, but I enjoy creamy carrot soup even more! 

Carrot soup is naturally sweet, a touch earthy, and pairs magnificently with Thai flavors like ginger, cumin and coconut milk. That’s the route I’m taking with this carrot ginger soup recipe!

The recipe contains no cream, butter or oil. Simply all squeaky clean ingredients that leave you feeling nourished and happy.  The texture is pillow-y smooth and the flavor is sweet and subtly curry-like with a little kick. 

Let’s dive in to the details!

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Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna Noodle Casserole made with gluten-free pasta noodles, a rich and creamy sauce, and a crispy topping for an amazingly filling and nourishing meal.

Tuna Noodle Casserole was my second favorite meal growing up (the first being lasagna). It has always been one of those meals I can power through and just eat bottomless bowlfuls. 

Perfectly tender carby noodles swaddled in a creamy well-seasoned sauce with plenty of chunks of tuna and a nice portion of cheese? What more could we want in a casserole??

Maybe bacon. You can totally add bacon!

Tuna Noodle Casserole - gluten-free, light on dairy, easy casserole recipe

This tuna noodle casserole recipe is a bit different from the classic.  I make it using gluten-free noodles, and I make the sauce with full-fat canned coconut milk instead of regular cow’s milk or cream. 

The end result is still that incredibly comforting, satisfying casserole that can feed a crowd and make your belly beam with joy.

If you don’t do noodles of any kind, you can always visit my Tuna and Rice Casserole  – it’s a low-FODMAP recipe for those who have sensitive GI tracts, and it’s just as cozy!

Let’s dive right into the details!

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Chocolate Covered Chickpeas

Chocolate covered chickpeas are an easy dessert recipe that only requires three basic ingredients: chickpeas, oil, and chocolate chips. This fun, crispy treat is perfect for chickpea enthusiasts! If you’re looking for the easiest chocolate dessert recipe that involves your favorite magical fruit, you’ve found it! These chocolate covered chickpeas are quick and easy to …

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Hot Buttered Rum with Cider

Hot Buttered Rum with just three ingredients! Made paleo-friendly, this is a unique spin on the classic and is a warm and inviting cocktail, perfect for holiday season! The refined sugar-free hot buttered rum code has been broken! Can you guess  the key? Spoiler alert: apple cider’s the answer!   Let’s just address the most …

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