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An easy photo tutorial on how to cook yucca root in the Instant Pot (or pressure cooker). Yucca (a.k.a. cassava) is a lovely starchy root vegetable that can be incorporated into all sorts of dishes, similar to potatoes.

Instant Pot Yuca - a photo tutorial on how to cook yuca (or cassava) in the pressure cooker |

Yuca is one of my favorite root vegetables, and I don’t discuss it nearly enough! I just discovered my new favorite technique for whipping up the root to have on hand for all the meals. Spoiler alert: It’s the Instant Pot Yuca method, and I adore it so.

If you aren’t familiar with yuca (or cassava), here’s the gist. Yuca (pronounced “yoo-kuh”) is a very starchy root vegetable that is very common in Latin American, South Asian, Caribbean, and African cuisine. Look at it as a potato on steroids. It’s just that carb-o-licious.

Many moons ago, I posted a recipe on How to Cook Yuca Rootwhich uses the stove top method. When I went to the Dominican Republic a few years ago, I consumed more than my weight in yuca. It’s just so dang good!

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A photo tutorial on how to make artichokes Instant Pot (or pressure cooker). This quick and easy method results in perfect artichokes every time!


How to Cook Artichokes in the Instant Pot - a photo tutorial on preparing artichokes in a pressure cooker | TheRoastedRoot.netHave you ever struggled while making artichokes on the stove top?

The artichokes are steaming, you’re multi-tasking, everything is going great. Until you check on the artichokes to find all the water has burned off. So you add more water, but it’s too cold and it takes a million years to heat back up.

Meanwhile, your artichokes seam to be getting harder rather than softer in their stubborn steadfast artichoke way.  You persevere, but you watch your dinner sprout legs and take a route of its own.


How to cook artichokes in the pressure cooker


I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make artichokes in the Instant Pot, and believe you me, this method is goof proof. No worrying about water levels or temperatures or the stubborn rock solid hardness of rogue artichokes.

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