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Kale Pizza Crust (Low-Carb, Keto, Paleo)

Kale pizza crust is exactly what it sounds like! — a pizza crust made with kale. This easy recipe is low-carb, keto, and paleo and is a marvelous way to get your greens.

Kale Pizza Crust - a photo tutorial on how to make pizza crust using kale

Kale Pizza Crust - a low-carb, keto, paleo recipe for pizza crust that happens to be packed with nutrients!

If you’ve been hanging out with me here on The Roasted Root for quite some time, you’re familiar with the fact that I sometimes make pizza crust out of seemingly odd things. For instance, Cauliflower Pizza Crust, Almond Flour Pizza Crust and Kale Pizza Crust have been on constant rotation in my household and have weaved their way in and out of this blog for years. I’ve even been known to make Stuffed Portobello Pizzas.

In essence, girl loves a slice.

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What is Keto and is it Right For You?

Disclosure: I am not an expert on keto and have zero medical background. My recommendation when reading my lifestyle posts is always, always to do research beyond my site and when in doubt, seek help from a medical professional before making diet and lifestyle changes. Keto has been blowing up for quite some time, and …

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Paleo Fat Balls (with a Keto Option)

Paleo fat balls made with nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and pure maple syrup. Perfect for a paleo or keto snack, this recipe is highly customizable. Full of fat and protein, these bites are perfect for a paleo or low-carb diet. This post is sponsored by Vital Proteins. Paleo fat balls! Also known as energy balls, …

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Mushroom Bolognese Spaghetti Squash Casserole

 Comforting three cheese spaghetti squash casserole with mushroom “Bolognese” sauce – an ultra pleasing gluten-free vegetarian meal.  This twice-baked spaghetti squash adventure is probably one of my favorite ways of preparing spaghetti squash. It’s like lasagna, but without noodles.. like a casserole, but on the healthful end of the spectrum.. Like spaghetti Bolognese, sans the …

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Paleo Zucchini Carbonara (Dairy-Free)

Paleo Zucchini Carbonara – zucchini noodles with healthy dairy-free carbonara sauce made from cauliflower! The creamy cauliflower sauce can be used to replace any cream-based or alfredo sauce for a dairy-free alternative!  This easy healthy dinner recipe is sure to please! You’re never going to believe the trickery that went into these noodles. I made …

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Lemony Braised Chicken and Kale

Lemony Braised Chicken and Kale for every weeknight dinner from now till Kingdom cooooome. I’ve got something to tell ya. I’ve got news for you. <- Vengaboys reference, anyone? Yeeeer welcome. You look like you could use a drumstick. That’s my news. I’ve been meaning to share one of my favorite dinner recipes from that …

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