Behind the Scenes Blog Tour + Evolution Fresh Giveaway

We’re going behind the scenes today and giving away a suh-weet little prize!

Behind the Scenes of The Roasted Root

Photos above by Jen Schmidt Photography.

A Behind the Scenes series was circulating the blogisphere a while back, where we bloggers give you a little extra info about what we do. Alexis from Hummusapien nominated me to write about my behind-the-scenes happenings. I’ve jabbered about Alexis quite a bit on this site. Not only does she whip up insanely healthy and tasty recipes, but she’s also a registered dietitian. Girl knows her stuff. You can also read her version of Behind the Scenes and get to know her pretty face. SO the way this thing works, is I answer some Qs, then nominate another blogger to follow suit. Let the cycle continue!

In addition to a Behind the Scenes peek, Evolution Fresh is hosting a great little giveaway for you!  I’ll tell ya all about the giveaway, but first, let’s go behind the scenes.

What am I working on?

Behind the Scenes of The Roasted Root

Besides finding inner peace while trying to take over the world AND bringing back crushed velvet? I’m working on recipes galore, mates. I’m continually developing edibles for this site, as well as Love Beets. As I write this, I’m also finishing up an article for the Tahoe Quarterly on green homes for their Well Being section. Last, but not least, I am in the beginning stages of writing an e-book, if you can believe it! You’ll learn more about the e-book later, I promise!

I’m also in the slow process of putting together my apartment, so my living space is my workspace is my garage:

 Behind the Scenes of The Roasted Root

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, shoot, there are a TON of us healthy, granola crunching bloggers out there, so lemme just tell you how I view my blog…

I try to keep my recipes gut-friendly, meaning most of my recipes are free of allergens and gut-irritants. Althoooough, I have been known to go on a liquor and butter binge from time to time, so there is that.

Generally, I create recipes that incorporate whole, unprocessed foods that are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and often grain-free. Sometimes my recipes are vegan, vegetarian, and/or paleo, and sometimes they’re just.not. There are puh-lenty of other bloggers out there who focus on the same thing, so it’s difficult to say my work is different. Maybe it’s the kombucha that makes my work different? Or the fact that I try to lure you into my recipes by using sex appeal? Let’s go with that.

I love to come across new ingredients and products that improve health, create recipes with them, and tell you about them. We’re living in a different (health-conscious!) era now, so I figure the more information you have about what’s available to you [even if the ingredient/product is strange and doubles as cleaning solution (<-kombucha) and appears to be something only recluses on a pachouli-scented commune would consume], the better.

Because my focus is health-oriented, I LOVE connecting with like-minded brands. It is one of the funnest parts about what I do. Recently, I linked up with Evolution Fresh in their #3DaystoGreen campaign. I enjoyed one of their cold-pressed green juices for three mornings in a row. The high–octane bevvies kept my brain functioning at warp speed and amped me up for a productive day. I definitely find mornings that begin with a superfood infusion prove to be efficient.

Behind the Scenes of The Roasted Root

Why do I write/create what I do?

It makes me feel real good.

Seriously, the easy answer is I can’t not. Like, I just have to cook, photograph, and write. If I didn’t do it for a living, I’d still be doing it as a hobby. Some sort of creative/entrepreneurial DNA was installed in my blood (lots of artists and small business owners in my family), so this career is what comes naturally for me.

When I was in high school, one of my English teachers told me whatever I end up doing with my life, it needs to include writing (how’s that for a well-constructed sentence?). At the time, I brushed it off because I assumed I was going to be a professional ski bum; but looking back, I think she knew something I didn’t. I had a handful of similar experiences throughout college and it took me a number of years to embrace the fact that I wanted to take a different career route from my education in finance.


I love that my work doesn’t live and die within the confines of my home…that I’m able to share it with you all. In fact, it inspires me even more to be able to play show and tell to my heart’s delight.

How does my writing/creative process work?

By golly, this changes regularly. Sometimes I base my work off of what I’m hungry for, and sometimes I try to predict the future and make what I think you’ll be craving.

First and foremost, my creative process stems from what I’m in the mood to eat.  Each Sunday, I make a list of recipes I want to make for the week and also make a to-do list of freelance assignments I have. From there, I do my grocery shopping and figure out which days that week are best spent in the kitchen and in front of the camera, versus which days are best for writing. What I actually end up doing usually differs substantially from my To Do list.

The most important part of my creative process is making sure all my wiggles are out. Like, I have to run or burpee out my energy or else I’ll be an ADD headcase while I’m trying to work. I also need to be fueled up on healfthful brain food. Lately, my brain food has consisted of those Evolution green juices I was telling you about.

Behind the Scenes of The Roasted Root

While I’m cooking, I like to listen to music and podcasts. I envision the way I want my recipe to photograph as I’m cooking.  When deciding how to shoot the recipe, I take into account the type of food/drink, what I’m feeling while I’m prepping it, and/or how I see other people enjoying it. Immediately after finishing a recipe, I stage it for photographing.

When I sit down to write, I like to draw from recent experiences and recount the thoughts I had while I was cooking. I also try to predict any issues/questions people (you) will have when they (you) prepare the recipe and provide the answers within the post. Writing a blog post is sometimes the easiest part of what I do, and sometimes the most difficult. I have learned to step away from the computer when I go through writer’s block and do something else until my head clears.

And that’s it! That’s a look at my scene!  Since I get to nominate another blogger to do the same, I’d like to nominate Abby from The Frosted Vegan. I’d love to creep in on what she’s been up to.

And now for the…


Evolution Fresh is kindly giving away a $40 Evolution Fresh gift card ($40) and a coupon for one free Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juice, which can be redeemed at your local grocery store.


Didyouknow Evolution Fresh juices – Sweet Greens and Lemon, Smooth Greens, Essential Greens with Lime, and Organic Sweet Greens and Ginger – contain a pound of vegetables? Mind blow. I love green juices because they’re such an easy way of getting a high concentration of fruits and veggies. The mornings that begin with a superfood infusion always prove to turn into stellar days.

To enter for a chance to win, simply leave a comment below. Giveaway ends Friday, January 23, 2015. The winner will be randomly selected, notified by email and will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.

Good luck and may you start all your days with something green!

Disclosure: I received a coupon and a gift card from Evolution Fresh in order to purchase their juice for the #3DaystoGreen Campaign. All opinions in this post are my 100% my own.


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    1. Julia Post author

      You’re so welcome! I was just about to send you an email letting you know, but you already discovered the nomination! You’re so on top of it. Take your time in posting…I certainly did 😉

  1. janet coomes

    just saw your email today and decided to look in the to 3day to green
    checked out the site and found our local Earth Fare carries these. I am going
    this weekend to check it out..

  2. Nora (A Clean Bake)

    Thanks for sharing a day in your blogging life! I really enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how great blogs come to be 🙂

    PS: I love evolution juices!! I always grab one as a treat when I need a pick me up at work.

  3. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    you are such an inspiration! I love your recipes and you are an amazing photographer! One day I hope to be a full time blogger, I need to get back on that writing train LOL! I would love to win some delicious Evolution Fresh, they are my favorite!

  4. Yoojin

    what a neat workspace! i’ve only tried one of evolution’s juices at starbucks.. would love to try more 🙂

  5. Jack

    Thanks for sharing your process! I like both the styles of food you post about and your entertaining, causal writing style. Also, juice.

  6. Christina @ The Beautiful Balance

    I absolutely adore these types of posts. By the way, I am obsessed with your wood boards. Are they real or faux? I would love to hear more about your world of freelance writing. I still struggle with finding my voice on my blog and conveying my personality through my posts. That being said I would love to enter into freelance writing but it is such an unknown world to me.

  7. Stefanie Gladden

    I am a huge fan of Evolution Fresh Juices!! they taste great and always make me feel so much healthier! I drink them a few times every week!

  8. Mianna

    So fun to see your creative process and roots. (Evolution was the perfect word, but too cheesy to use). Aside, I love Evolution Fresh!

  9. Lisa @ Healthy Nibbles & Bits

    I absolutely LOVED reading this post mainly because I’m nosy about what my blogger friends do. I totally feel you on needing to burn up some extra energy because I have serious ADD issues just like you. As I type this, I have 10 tabs open. By the way, I’m in love with that fancy camera strap you have there. Mine is quite blah at the moment, so I’m brainstorming ideas for an upgrade!

  10. kate rowe

    This was SUCH a great read!! So cool to have a little insight into your work and process! There’s so many people out there sharing info, I’m just here in my little corner of the internet not knowing what’s going on….haha Love hearing about what other bloggers are doing, especially those I look up to! Keep doing what you’re doing – love it!

  11. Olivia - Primavera Kitchen

    Hey, Ju
    I am so glad you wrote about your writing process love what you are doing. I’m all for sharing healthy delicious foods. Thank you for letting us peek into your life. I enjoyed this post so much 😉

  12. Gillian

    I recently found your blog and have loved the recipes I have tried so far and just ordered my kombucha SCOBY this week. Thanks for the inspiration and direction! I’m excited to see what else you have in store for us readers.

  13. Judy

    It was wonderful to read about your writing process since I’ve been trying your recipes out and really enjoying them. I’ve not tried Evolution juices yet and will check them out.

  14. HilLesha

    I have always loved gut-friendly beverages, such as kombucha. I recently started drinking Evolution Fresh, and I love, love, love it. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  15. Rebecca

    Great post! It was very interesting seeing the hard work that goes into your process of blogging. And I definitely concur with your English teacher; writing is a skill that makes its way into most professions, in some way or another.

  16. Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health

    What a fun post! I loved getting a peak behind the scenes of your beyootiful blog. I think you were 100% meant to do this for a living. Your writing is always so entertaining and your photography is gorgeous. I’m always inspired by what an amazing job you do. Can’t wait to get a hold of that e-book too. Saweet!

  17. Lauren S.

    I LOVE these juices, especially the greens with lime! I would love to drink them more often (if I could afford to!).

  18. leah

    just found your website, and I love it! thanks for sharing your work! I look forward to reading more…

  19. Francesca

    Those evolution drinks are awesomesauce. And I love hearing about your creative process – I always get so into the cooking and photographing bit that the storytelling has to come much later for me. <3 this.

  20. JON OLD

    Have been buying gallons of Trader Joes green plant juice for old neighbor a couple years. Is this sold in PA.? sounds good for me too. Need to lift brain fog.

  21. Liberty T.

    I would love to take the #3DaysToGreen pledge to keep my nutrition in check and give me a kickstart for green juicing and smoothies.

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